Zumba Fun
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Zumba Fun
Zumba has taken the world by storm since it was originally developed in 2001. With more than 14 million adherents in more than 150 countries worldwide, a Zumba workout is probably best described as a fitness party.

The Basics of Local Classes

The moves are easy to do and are set to upbeat music – you have a whole body workout in a way that is so much fun that time just flies by. They are based on Latin American dance moves.

There are different classes for different levels of fitness on offer at your gym in London Bridge.

Choose the Right Class

Different classes are tailored to different needs. For the beginner classes, the moves are simplified. Beginner classes are also easier on those that are more overweight. Some classes can also be tailored to suit those carrying extra weight – with the emphasis being on being gentler on the joints.

Alter the Tempo

In order to increase the impact of the exercise, you merely need to increase the speed at which you perform the dance moves. Faster means a much more intense cardio workout. A slower workout is easier for beginners and increases the toning and fat-burning effects of the workout.

Fun for the Whole Family

Zumba is safe and fun for the whole family – It’s a great solution if you are worried that your kids are not getting enough exercise. (A real concern in the UK today considering that the obesity rates in children have never been higher.)

Safety Tips

You do need to ensure that you keep well hydrated during the workout. Make sure that you have a bottle of water on hand. It is also important to fully warm up before you start.

If you are not fit or haven’t been exercising regularly, it is a good idea to speak to your doctor before joining a class and it’s also good to for a personal Trainers.

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