Enabling environment needed to upscale world’s renewable energy projects | Zero Footprint | Scoop.it

Challenges in scaling up implementation of renewable energy must be addressed if the target of 100% sustainable renewables by 2050 is to be achieved, according to a new WWF report.


A previous WWF report, The Energy Report, calls for 100% renewable energy by 2050 as the only viable energy option to meet the plethora of challenges from combating climate change effectively, hedging against risks of volatile and costly fossil fuel imports particularly for poor nations, addressing air pollution health and contributing to sustainable energy services for the poor.


WWF Global Climate & Energy Initiative leader Samantha Smith says while setting targets represents a clear commitment to renewable energy, simply setting these targets is not enough. “The real job is to create an enabling environment, including money, ensuring access for the poor, infrastructure and capacity building. This is what will ensure these targets are achieved,” she says.

“Financing is a particularly significant challenge and the WWF’s global campaign Seize Your Power! launched earlier this month urges governments and financial institutions worldwide to increase investment in renewable energy,” says Smith.

WWF Director for Global Energy Policy Dr Stephan Singer says scaling up the implementation of renewable energy is possible “if countries avoid the mistakes and learn from successes” of countries which have pioneered implementation.