As the nutrition products sales director at Abbott Laboratories, Zariq Siddiqui oversees the company’s sales operations and supervises training activities for the division. Zariq Siddiqui has traveled widely to numerous locations, including Cape Town, South Africa. Cape Town, a coastal town in South Africa, is one of the most diverse cities in the country. Each year, visitors flock to Table Mountain National Park to experience the views, activities, and natural wonders of South Africa. There are several sites one can experience when visiting Table Mountain National Park. Since 1929, the Table Mountain Aerial Cableway Company has given visitors a ride to the top of Table Mountain, the namesake of the national park. The flat-topped mountain, named a natural wonder of the world, serves as a scenic backdrop to Cape Town and offers visitors numerous views, as well as hiking and mountain biking opportunities. The weather can change unexpectedly at the top of the mountain, so park officials recommend dressing appropriately. Also located within the park is the Cape of Good Hope, which is the southernmost tip of the African continent. Visitors can walk out to the cape and observe numerous species of birds. The Cape of Good Hope can be reached by bus or hiking and mountain bike trails. Furthermore, the Boulders Penguin Colony gives visitors the unique experience of observing a colony of endangered African penguins. With three beaches, a viewing area, and boardwalks, the penguins themselves are left undisturbed.