Zimbabwe: Youth Participation - a New Mode of Government | youth engangement is crucial for development | Scoop.it

Events in the past few months clearly show that our youths now want to be involved in policy matters of governance more than ever before. The young people now want to go further than just fit in. They want to participate than just care about matters from a distance. It has shown that that youths want to practice and go beyond dreaming to make Zimbabwe work.


Young people now demand participation that is purposeful, supported and linked to outcomes, rather than inclusion for the sake of formality and that should be the new mode of governance in Zimbabwe.


This past decade has seen a growing recognition of the importance of youth participation in policy making. This has been driven by a growing consensus that youth participation in policy processes is not only a demonstrated value, it is a political right. Research clearly proves that efforts by Governments to engage youth have often led to better policy formulation, implementation and evaluation.

Via Jeff Miller