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You Gotta See This...
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Best of Colbert Report IMO - Manipulative Sicko Monkeys

Best of Colbert Report IMO - Manipulative Sicko Monkeys | You Gotta See This... |

Best of Colbert Report IMO


- Manipulative Sicko Monkeys


Best clips:


Gay Strokes (2:24) sets up one of Colbert's funniest IMO - Manipulative Sicko Monkeys (4:25)


...from ThreatDown - Interdimensional Black People, Gay Strokes & Manipulative Sicko Monkeys in the Online Video Guide...

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Every Biblical Argument Against Being Gay, Debunked Biblically

Every Biblical Argument Against Being Gay, Debunked Biblically | You Gotta See This... |
If you know any Christians, it's important that they watch this with an open heart.


Click the link above to jump right to the video, or begin with this description and a little commentary from me below.


The video is an hour long but worth a watch when you have some time. Whether conflicted yourself or part of the debate, the video provides a comprehensive and respectful look at the 2 sides of the argument, eloquently presented in this sermon by Matthew Vines, a young college student who dedicated two years to its research. In it he addresses each of the 6 passages which reference homosexuality, both in old and new testaments, including the passage often quoted in Leviticus.


For each of the 6, Matthew reads the quote and acknowledges its existence, then discusses the basis for its traditional interpretation taught by the church, and then he discusses an alternative interpretation, which is genuinely sound, eloquently justified, and completely believable. Leviticus, of course, is the most commonly quoted passage used by those who stand in judgement, yet Matthew presents ample evidence to question its validity and even shows where the long list of rules in Leviticus were all invalidated and thus not included in the New Testament, with the only expection being the line relating to homosexuality. He presents an interesting theory for that. All 6 passages are covered and then at the end, he humbly asks his congregation to consider all the evidence, and perhaps look within and to the Bible's teachings as a whole for options other than complete condemnation of gays and lesbians for something out of their control based on six passages in dispute that will be forever open to interpretation.




There must be plenty in Church that see this evidence and are conflicted when asked to continue to stand in judgement of others, regardless of everything we know. On one hand, from an early age you're taught that same sex relationships are an abhomination and sinful, yet on the other hand you're taught to love thy neighbor and its a sin to stand in judgement of others. I understand the conflict. But just watching this video, and his presentation of both sides, it would have me questioning why given the choice, my Church would choose to follow an old divisive interpretation of the scriptures, instead of one that can be argued equally valid if not more so, and is more inclusive. Why wouldn't the Church at least leave open this possibility? What if the Church has been wrong all this time? Think of the people this has and will continue to hurt. We are all God's childen right? That's in Scriptures too. Allowing for the alternative would free all those from standing in judgement of others and it would allow them the option to see and accept same-sex relationships for what they really are...the same as every other relationship.  


( Huh. What a wonderful world it could be.)

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Which Ad Was Rejected For Being Too Controversial?

Which Ad Was Rejected For Being Too Controversial? | You Gotta See This... |


Question of the Day: Which of these three ads were rejected by a transit system in Scranton, Pennsylvania for being too controversial?


Here is some information to consider:


In March 2012, the County of Lackawanna Transit System (COLTS) in Scranton, Pennsylvania rejected one of these three ads for it "does not accept ads which could be deemed controversial or otherwise spark public debate." 


The ad rejected may come as a surprise, when you think back to the recent controversy over Chick-Fil-A CEO Dan Cathy's announcement that he indeed opposes marriage equality for same-sex partners and acknowledged that the company has donated millions to anti-gay groups, some of which have been labeled hate groups.


If you remember, Cathy's announcement went viral, the LGBT community called for a boycott of Chick-Fil-A, and then opponents of same-sex marriage came to Dan Cathy's defense. His supporters stated that freedom of speech gives him every right to share his beliefs and donate to groups he supports, including those fighting marriage equality and any proposed changes to the legal definition of marriage which is currently in line with his Biblically interpreted definition. For gays and lesbians, they said the boycott was less an attempt to punish Cathy for what he said, but more about the company's large financial support of anti-gay groups and the desire that their dollars are not a part of that.


So which sign was rejected for being too controversial?



Answer: Atheists...



Surprised? I was.


Why would this group of citizens be prevented from advertising their non-religious group? And where is the controversy going to come from? Certainly not from the same religious groups that so publically defended their beliefs and their right to vocalize them.


I'm all for free speech, and freedom of religion. I also believe in the rights of people to be free FROM religion if they so choose. There's those that say "being gay is a sin, it's an abhomination, it's right there in the Bible, I have the right to voice my beliefs." To them I say, they are your beliefs, you live by them, they are not necessarily mine. Please don't insist that I do. Respect my right to live my life based on my beliefs, as I respect your right to live your life based on yours.


This country is based on the Constitution and in it it provides for a Separation of Church and State in hopes of preventing the specific beliefs of one religious group from influencing the laws that govern us all. But as we proudly boast this commitment to freedom, are we really just kidding ourselves? Maybe. Because when we take away the freedom for some, we no longer have freedom for all.

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Hilarious Jokes from the Guy Who Makes America Laugh

Hilarious Jokes from the Guy Who Makes America Laugh | You Gotta See This... |

Welcome to my blog. Here I'll seek out and post interesting articles that i find that I think you may too find helpful, enlightening, funny, comforting, concerning, alarming, or even scary. 


Posts will cover a wide array of topics and stories, things I feel people may enjoy things that i find interesting or important. I hope you will check in regularly to see what I find.


So here we go. I will start with an icebreaker. Who doesn't love a good joke? And laughing is important for good health and well being as we all know.. So I promise to keep some funny coming starting with this first joke from Andy Simmons via Dr. Oz.. Enjoy!


(The first one's pretty funny... the


Just sayin... :)




 Andy Simmons is Reader's Digest humor editor and has a book called Now That’s Funny!, I haven't read it but "it's filled with jokes, anecdotes, essays, and interviews from his nine years as humor editor at Reader’s Digest." ]

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