You Can’t Manage What You Don’t Measure
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You Can’t Manage What You Don’t Measure
Keeping track of employees driving your company vehicle(s) can be a daunting task, but GPS fleet tracking allows you a deep look into how employees are utilizing company assets. Inefficiencies, less than optimal operations and waste comes in many forms, and GPS fleet tracking software can give you clear facts to use when addressing them, including: • Excessive Idle times • Poor Driver Routing • Speeding and Unsafe Driving Practices • Personal or Unauthorized Vehicle Use • False or Exaggerated Time Sheets • Late Workday Starts / Excessive Lunch Breaks • Theft of Company Assets • Gasoline Theft • Liability Risks How Fleet Vehicle Tracking Can Help Your Company: Tracking Genie GPS-Vehicle tracker allows you to see where all of your vehicles are from your computer screen, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Instantly locate your vehicles, see where they have been, where they are, and how fast they are going. Get instant alerts on your email or cellular phone when your vehicles have exceeded speed thresholds you set or when they enter or exit specific geographic areas on a map. Tracking genie will also help you lower your fuel costs and increase your productivity. Fleet managers and business owners can now accomplish fleet tracking with the click of a mouse. Your company will realize a FAST return on investment within weeks of using a Tracking genie fleet tracking system. Reduce “Hidden” Costs, Adding Huge Savings to Your Bottom-Line: Tracking genie GPS fleet tracking system will monitor your vehicles and their drivers, allowing you to view information that was once a constant unknown. Implementing GPS tracking systems is the equivalent of having a virtual manager in every vehicle. A manager who works for you, everyday of the month. After hours, this manager becomes a security guard, watching and guarding your vehicles for you. Employee Integrity: Are Your Employees Doing What They Say? The human factor. In a perfect world, your employees give you an honest day of work, for an honest day of pay. For most employees, this statement will probably hold true. However, what percentages of your employees are engaged in personal business during company time? 1%, 5%, 10%…You would be amazed at the stories we have heard about employees who claimed to be in one place but were not. Our GPS tracking solutions allow managers and company owners to monitor the routes employees have driven, start and stop times, daily miles driven and more. Save Gas – Save Money: What Are Idle Times & How Monitoring Idle Times Save You Money? Tracking Genie closely monitors idle times for all your vehicles. For every hour a vehicle idles it will use on average one gallon of fuel, as well as wreak havoc on your vehicle’s engine, increasing maintenance cost. This may be seen as trivial, but even if you only have five vehicles on the road and each of them spends an average of 30 minutes a day idling the numbers add up. 2.5 hrs per day of idle time five days per week at $3.00 per gallon is the equivalent to throwing $150 away every month. And this is only one of the ways that fleet tracking systems will save you money. Improve Customer Service with us: If you operate a service company or even delivery company, managing your trucks and drivers can be a hassle. With GPS fleet tracking software you can see the entire status of your fleet from one screen. You can dispatch nearby trucks to service calls, instead of routing trucks that are further away. Answer your customer’s question in a flash, when they call and ask when your driver will be here. Company Liability: Excessive Speeding The ability to set speed thresholds for your vehicles ensures drivers are complying with safe driving practices. Speeding drivers not only are a danger to others, but also have the potential for disastrous consequences from a liability standpoint for businesses. Studies show that drivers are nearly 100 xs less likely to break the rules when they know fleet tracking software is keeping track and holding them accountable. Fleet Tracking is the Ultimate Vehicle Management System: GPS Fleet tracking allows to you easily take control of your fleet and its drivers. Would love to hear, how effectively you could use Trackinggenie and ease your life.
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