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6-Figure income ?????

6-Figure income ????? | YOU ASK WHY???? VISALUS???? |

Are you ready to join a business and a team that can make you walk away from 9 to 5 and have TRUE residual income? Are you ready for the challenge of being part of my inner circle? 

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ViSalus | Body by Vi 90 Day Challenge, powered by ViSalus

ViSalus | Body by Vi 90 Day Challenge, powered by ViSalus | YOU ASK WHY???? VISALUS???? |

What Is Visalus?
Founded in 2005 in Troy, Michigan, Visalus is a state-of-the-art wellness company whose core product, Vi 90-Day Challenge, combines leading health and nutrition products with dependable support to provide achievable weight loss and fitness goals. With foundational principles of life, health, and prosperity, Visalus has strategically merged with Blyth Incorporated, a home fragrance products company, and is now publicly traded on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE:BTH). With a company name that originates from "Vi", meaning the root for life, and "Salus" representing health and prosperity, Visalus has quite an extensive product catalog. Visalus currently offers everything from energy drinks (Visalus Neuro) to weight loss products (Visalus Vi Shape shakes) to anti-agingproducts (Visalus Vipak), to a state-of-the-art wellness program that transforms the body: the Body by Vi 90 Day Challenge. Being a direct sales company, Visalus offers a very lucrative compensation plan to all of its' members that compensates in eight different ways.
How Will I Get Paid?
Visalus offers three different levels to choose from when joining:
1) Basic Distributor - $49.00, plus the cost of a Visalus sample product kit.
2) Executive success System (ESS) - $499.00, which includes various core Visalus products
3) ESS Plus - $999.00, which includes the Executive success System, plus additional Visalus samples to distribute
Visalus currently offers eight various ways to get paid with the company, however in order to earn income with Visalus, you must be an active distributor by either maintaining an autoship or by meeting a monthly retail sales quota. As with any unilevel compensation plan, the more individuals you refer to Visalus, the more your organization and paycheck grow! Visalus currently compensates direct sales and personal commissions through: First Order Bonuses A Rising Star Weekly Enrollers Pool Fast Start Bonuses Team Commissions Leadership Depth Bonuses BMW Bonuses A Leadership Pool Ambassador Star Bonuses
Although Visalus is a solid company and provides an extremely lucrative pay plan, should you join visalus?
Should You Join Visalus?
Visalus is a solid company and provides an extremely lucrative pay plan, but if you experience a lack of leads or simply don't know how to market your Visalus business that is ok! People are literally killing this business offline with the marketing techniques that are provided for you when you join. If you want to succeed with Visalus, all you have to do is just learn these strategies and you will have duplication. By simply learning a few of these offline marketing skills and leveraging the power of the internet, you can easily succeed where the other 99 percent fail! You must also align yourself with a team who can help you every step of the way to create your marketing strategy, keep you focused, and help you improve your quality of life! visalus is definitely worth your time, effort, and money, and by implementing these strategies, you can easily generate more leads and earn additional commissions, which will result in making more money with your Visalus business! I Vote For ViSalus!

Should you submit your fresh article to the article directory or post it on your blog first? I bet this question has boggled your mind now and then, hasn't it?
Okay, here's another one. How long your videos on YouTube should be, for maximum audience retention?
How frequently should you submit to your blog?
What are the specific keywords that you need to go for in your Google Adwords campaign?
What niches work the best in Facebook marketing?
You see, there are thousands of questions that need answering while you are venturing out in the internet network marketing world.
Almost a decade ago, I started my first online business, and I don't mind confessing now that I failed miserably. I didn't know what I was doing. I bought every eBook I could, I joined every training course out there and I did everything I thought was right! And you see "that" was the problem.
I didn't know what to do and I was doing everything. And the truth is that everything creates noise and confusion in your business and your life. Your questions won't get answered and you will take the wrong steps which will discount your right steps as well. You need to know what's right and what's wrong first.
For that you need a solid mentor... someone who has been in the industry for quite some time and is being regarded as an authority, someone who has the necessary time, energy and most importantly, INTENT to let you know the insider secrets of the online world. You see, not many leaders are altruistic, to be honest, someone who has been there and who has done that!
and you need to have a solid proven system to work in a system that has a 6-year of record growth of over 600%...a system that has paid out $10 million in prizes, rewards and compensation checks...a system that provides you with a long-lasting recurring income for years to come.
At least that's what you absolutely need when you are starting into network marketing.
This is where ViSalus comes in.
What do you get from ViSalus? Nice question, the question should be, what do you not get from ViSalus?
Starting from how to start attracting distributors working under you to how to turn a prospect into a lead, ViSalus training tells you about everything.
You don't have to move an inch from your home. It's not about telemarketing, it's not about door-to-door sales and it's not some run-of-the-mill get-rich-quick scheme! It is a long-lasting, steady monthly income source, which is based on the simple rules of network marketing.
You will get all the resources of internet marketing to make it big in the cyber business world. You will get...
1. Free Personal landing pages!
2. Free video training series!
3. Free auto-responder emails
4. Free website templates, designs and logos!
And so much, much more...the list doesn't end. You will get everything you want to convert your prospects and attract affiliates. You don't need to be a technical expert. You don't need to be an internet marketing expert. You don't need to have millions to invest your start-up business. All you need is a little time and dedication on your end.
On top of that, you will get the top MLM experts guide you through the whole process. You will be on one of the best marketing teams on the internet. Just google Cedrick Harris and you'll see. Just by being under the influence of such a person will skyrocket your network marketing career.
But, does all this training make you any money? Yes, you bet it does. You must know that this "training" is what helps you to take advantage of the unbelievable reward and incentive structure of the ViSalus program.
Here's a quick glance of it below:
1. 3 For Free - Simply refer 3 customers or promoters to any of Body by Vi Challenge Kits, worth more than what you own, and you get the next month's kit for FREE!!! month after month. 25% of promoters get their product for free!
2. Rising Star - Achieve the rank of a Director, and you get special privileges for life. Not to mention the fact that you become eligible to acquire 2% of the company's revenues for life. Wow!
3. Bimmer Club - By achieving the rank of Regional Director or higher, ViSalus promoters can qualify for the exclusive Bimmer Club and become eligible for a monthly BMW bonus of owning your very own ViSalus-branded black BMW. Over 6000 BMWs have been givin away! And now a BMW is being givin away every hour!
4. National Director Experience - Freshly promoted National Directors are invited to a special incentive trip, part vacation and part education, designed to energize and empower these top challenge promoters to continue on the path to being an Ambassador. Are you ready go on a special Ft. Lauderdale dinner cruise up and down the Florida coast?
5. Presidential Paradise - Once you reach the rank of a Presidential Director, you will have a special pass to a summertime beach resort vacation, providing plenty of quality time with ViSalus co-founders and leaders, helping you in fostering relationships and having fun.
6. Ambassador Rewards - Ah! You will get a whole new experience at the Ambassador level. You will get multivariate colored jackets showing your promotion from the new ambassadors level to the global ambassadors rank. Oh, did I tell you about your bonus checks of maximum of $1,000,000 in yourbankaccount?
If you are still not satisfied and monetary benefits don't move you, here we come to the best part.
Okay, here's a question for you. What is that one thing that makes or breaks your marketing career? Choosing the RIGHT PRODUCT TO SELL! Yes, ask every great marketer and he will tell you one thing...that he LOVES the product he sells.
And this is where ViSalus scores the highest points.
It's a 90-day health challenge program, whether you want to lose your extra pounds, gain some lean mass or just build up a healthy lifestyle. Millions of people (without exaggerating!) have already participated in the program and you might be next.
You are making the world a better place to live in. Isn't that an awesome business to be in? Yes, you bet it is. At least, that's what I feel when I wake every day. I am making a difference.

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