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The success of marketers everywhere is increasingly tied to the use of analytics and Big Data, with the goal of correlating campaign success to real business results. No longer are marketing departments simply thought of as creative machines, as their responsibilities now reach a broadening scope of channels and tasks that range from tying social media success to business ROI and delivering mobile messaging where it matters most in the customer's buying journey.


As such, the need to create more intelligent, intuitive and individualized customer experiences is more important now than ever before, and leadership that understands how to navigate this shift to technology, social media, and analysis is critical for survival. CMOs today are faced with unique technology challenges, as the rise of the social-savvy, empowered consumer is creating a critical and permanent shift in how organizations around the globe are engaging with their target audiences.

In fact, Larry Bowden, vice president of Web Experience Software, IBM, recently told me that the biggest trend he sees is one that encompasses a social leadership role. "The biggest shift we see is the role of social media marketing officers is being created.... We're starting to see the appointment of executives in these roles," he said.

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