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Starting with the Holidays in Kerala advantage of having a tour tailor made for you is a large number that get to decide where you want to go, what you want to, you want to stay how much what you want to see. There is no problem with the tour operator most of the means that you spend most of your time that you do not travel to enjoy the attractions of Kerala along with everything worse than traveling in a hurry, put a quick itinerary. Well, the whole idea of tailor made tour is that it is adjusted to what to fit exactly where you want it to be. So your next step is to contact the tour operator some, tell what the necessary accurate. They please remember that it is your money it (good ones at least) of all, because it bends backwards to organize your trip. However, if they overcharged me, how what I wonder what you know? Is not a question to other related, by obtaining a quote for some of the various types of travel simply, is necessary to obtain a very good idea from the tour operator to another, whether to how much your trip there. For more info :-