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Self-governance trial for Aboriginal services - ABC Local

Self-governance trial for Aboriginal services - ABC Local | Derek |
“ Self-governance trial for Aboriginal services ABC Local "What we're trying to do for the first time in MSW is empower Aboriginal communities through genuine partnership to make sure they have a capacity and then the ability to ensure they have the...”
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Aboriginal Anzac Day war memorials - Creative Spirits

Aboriginal Anzac Day war memorials - Creative Spirits | Derek |
Australia has thousands of Anzac war memorials, dozens in the big cities. But there are not many war memorials commemorating Aboriginal Diggers.

Via Elizabeth Woodhouse
Derek's insight:

We need more recognition for the Indigenous diggers who gave their lives and fought hard.

Elizabeth Woodhouse's curator insight, April 10, 2013 8:46 PM

The Creative Spirits resource is great for students in particular as they will gain an aborigional perspective on Anzac day while showing and demonstrating themes and ideas on Australian Identity. I found the resource Interesting to read, which means students can enjoy reading through the digital library and learning new information centered around indigenous perspectives on Australia.


There are some great activities in this article which share memorable historical and culutral aspects past events shown from the point of view of an indigenous Australian. Teachers can read through and pick stories to read to their students, that relate to indigenous people in Australia. Furthermore the resource provides students with accurate historical happenings and significant events a variety of different individuals.  


The resources mentioned is great as it  prepares students for a range of lessons aimed at showing Australian History, events and people from other perspectives. The idea that Australia contains a variety of individuals with different view points about the events in history is present within this web page. Teachers can provide lesson activities related to HSIE, Art and Literacy based on the activities provided. Ideas for lessons include: Writing from the indigenous point of view, learning about indigenous culture, partaking in and recreating indigenous art and much more. All the activities can be developed by visiting this page and lookin for new ideas. .


This information gained from creative spirits will provide teachers with effective knowledge about Australian History which will inturn make their lessons richer and filled with more content. Teachers need to educate themselves in order to provide quality lessons for their students


An assessment for this resource may be a Written story about Australian identity, having the students retell from an aboriginal perspective

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10 years of social media by the numbers [infographic]

10 years of social media by the numbers [infographic] | Derek |
Facebook launched ten years ago in February 2004. Social media hasn't, doesn't and won't stay still. As Myspace rises, Friendster declines. The pattern's repeated itself a few times already, and even Google hasn't quite cracked the magic social network formula, at least not yet. The crown currently belongs to Facebook, a company that's made some big, big startup purchases on the way, although Twitter continues to pack (arguably) more influence. A whole lot has happened in the last decade, but we've tried to squeeze the more interesting parts into something a little more visual.
Via Lauren Moss
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