Wrongful Death Law
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Wrongful Death Law
World famous negligence law attorney. Michael P. Ehline, Esq., of Ehline Law shares content and explains the nuances of wrongful death under California law. View site here > http://wrongfuldeathattorney.ehlinelaw.com/
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Jason Redmer's O.D. Death at West Coast Detox Draws Suit Against Closed Rehab and Its Owner

Jason Redmer's O.D. Death at West Coast Detox Draws Suit Against Closed Rehab and Its Owner | Wrongful Death Law | Scoop.it
The mother of a San Juan Capistrano man who died of a drug overdose is suing the now-closed Huntington Beach...
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Ehline Law Discusses the Florida Teen Bullying Case Under California Law

Ehline Law Discusses the Florida Teen Bullying Case Under California Law | Wrongful Death Law | Scoop.it
Attorney Michael Ehline goes into the recent teen bullying case and the unrelated arrest of the the mother under a California Law model. Check it out.
Michael Ehline's insight:

This is a really sad case.  But when you see what a low life the step mom is, you can understand how this suicide occurred.  Check it out over at Ehline Law Firm PC.

David Slepkow's curator insight, October 28, 2014 2:26 AM

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an article by RI Personal Injury lawyer David Slepkow 401-437-1100

David Slepkow, has authored hundreds of expert in depth and informative Law articles which can be found on his numerous  Blogs. David Slepkow is not just an experienced litigator.  He recently represented clients at the RI Supreme Court. David appealed a case to the Top Court and overturned a decision of a RI Judge in a 5-0 decision in favor of his client. Rhode Island Auto Accident Attorney, David Slepkow is honored to be  recently sworn in as a member of the exclusive United States Supreme Court Bar. David Slepkow is an owner and Partner at the renowned and respected  East Providence Law firm of Slepkow Slepkow & AssociatesSS& A was established in 1932. David is member of the Rhode Island and Massachusetts bar as well as the bar of the Federal Court First Circuit District of RI. David is a member of the Association of Justice.

David is a passionate and aggressive lawyer who fights for his clients. He never charges a fee in a personal injury case unless successful.

David Slepkow is committed to helping Clients get justice and the best settlement possible in their Personal Injury, Auto / Car Accident, Slip and Fall claims in Rhode Island (RI) and Massachusetts (MA). This blog also contains  Statutes, Links, Commentary,  Case law, Out of State Law Articles Accident News and more! If you are in need of legal representation please call Rhode Island Personal Injury Attorney.

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Make safety a reality and not a FATALITY!

Make safety a reality and not a FATALITY! | Wrongful Death Law | Scoop.it

Via PCS Consultants, Inc.
Michael Ehline's insight:

Great piece worth reading

PCS Consultants, Inc.'s curator insight, October 9, 2013 5:50 PM

Injuries and incidents can impair your organization's productivity while driving up operational costs and risks

Today's work force is more aware and concerned about the health and safety of their work environment - and rightfully so. With the rapid emergence and continued growth in critical use buildings, including pharmaceutical companies, leading edge research and biotechnology facilities, and the demands of healthcare institutions, work environments are becoming increasingly complex. When hazardous materials, such as chemicals and biological byproducts, are used and stored in areas where people gather and work, the potential health and safety risks are significant. With these changes come more rigorous environmental health and safety programs and regulatory requirements at the federal, state and local levels.

But how do you know what your specific compliance needs are? How do you manage all the aspects of a comprehensive environmental health and safety program to ensure your employees' well-being? 

PCS Consultants, Inc. provides many leading institutions with complete onsite management of environmental health and safety services. As a direct result of this experience, PCS' understands the EH&S challenges of state-of-the-art and technically sophisticated facilities. We also realize the hard costs associated with a poor environment, including low productivity and business interruptions. We deliver solution-oriented compliance management services designed to:

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Compliance and Enforcement


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Workers compensation and safety practices


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For more information concerning Rhode Island Worker Compensation Accident lawyer please visit:


an article by RI Worker Compensation Accident lawyer David Slepkow 401-437-1100

The Rhode Island Supreme Court,which normally sits in Providence+, recently issued a ruling in a premises liability and personal injury case of Burton V. State of Rhode Island, involving teenagers trespassing on property owned by the State of RI.

Th RI Top Court ruled that a 17 year old boy was not entitled to recover any damages for his injuries as a result of being severely burned at the remains of an old abandoned mental health hospital known as the “Ladd Center” located in Exeter, RI.  At the time of the accident, several adolescents were searching for ghosts at the abandoned ‘Ladd Center’.  The RI Top Court described the property as the “reputedly haunted remains of the Ladd Center”

(If you are in need of help in a RI premises Liability case or slip and fall claim then contact East Providence attorney, David Slepkow 401-437-1100.)

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Two Little Girls Arrested for Murder Suicide Cyber and Other Bullying

Two Little Girls Arrested for Murder Suicide Cyber and Other Bullying | Wrongful Death Law | Scoop.it
Michael Ehline and Jonathan Rosenfeld discuss the recent teen cyber-bullying suicide case.
Michael Ehline's insight:

Rebecca Sedwick a resident of Lakeland, Florida jumped to her death from a cement factory tower on September 9th, after being tormented by as many as 15 girls who harassed her in text messages and online social media message boards, authorities said.

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Will Dr. Murray Be Succesful?

Will Dr. Murray Be Succesful? | Wrongful Death Law | Scoop.it
Will the convicted and discredited medical doctor win his bid to get back into the craft of medicine, asks Ehline Law.
Michael Ehline's insight:

Ehline Law Firm PC seeks answers in the license of Dr. Conrad Murray of the Michael Jackson Wrongful death fame. We report, you decide.

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