Everywhere, The World, 15/06/2014 – Featuring two main tracks - “Googly Goo” and “Tare Too Te Rut Te”, as well as instrumental versions of both, the latest offering by recording project hooyoosay featuring collaborations by Anonymous Participants will be available for download from 9 July 2014. Yes you read that right: Anonymous Participants - if you want the low down on how that came about, visit “About”.


As you may have derived from the titles of both songs, the lyrics are written in perfectly nonsensical uhm – language. If you are the type to search for the lyrics of your favourite songs so that you can learn them off by heart – then don’t bother with these two. “Googly Goo” features lead vocals by a three year old boy, lyrics that came about while he was discovering everything that the online world of tablets has to offer.


A funky mix full of the innocent joy only children can truly experience, it is full of bouncy little squiggles of sound that shouldn’t resemble anything except the random noise you are confronted with at family friendly venues, but somehow it seems to combine each element and transform into a happy tap-along that will leave you giggling along with the vocalist.


 “Tare Too Te Rut Te” continues the childhood theme in that it could be compared to growing up, starting out innocent and joyful and slowly building to a more mature, complex rhythm. Although it too features nonsensical lyrics, it starts out with young vocalists and youthful exclamations of joy. As the song plays, you may notice an older voice, perhaps representing those flashes of maturity displayed by teenagers until suddenly both the song and the vocalist are all grown up.


This album is very much in keeping with the light entertainment styles of their previous releases, which include the full-length “In Dekay” and the EP’s “My Obsession”, “Don’t You Lie To Me” and “Come On”. For additional information about hooyoosay and their previous releases please visit the hooyoosay website at If there is anything you want to ask the artists themselves, there is a contact form on the website. Remember, hooyoosay is an anonymous collaboration, so there is no contact person.


About hooyoosay

hooyoosay is not an artist. Nor is it a band. It is a recording project featuring different collaborations for each release. The participants for each release remain anonymous. But this is actually a blessing in disguise because the ‘no credits, no gigs’ condition has cultivated an environment for music making with no ego. Because every release has a different group of collaborators there are a diverse number of styles featured, ranging from rock to vaudeville and back to blues. What every release does have in common is an eclectic combination of randomness that leaves you wanting more.


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