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"Of all the scenes we write, dialogue is the most complex and rich. Most writers I know take several passes to get it right."


Penelope Silver's insight:


"Dialogue is one of those tricky areas that trip up many authors--myself included. As I am writing my first romance novel, I run into areas such as:


"How much dialogue is enough?

When and where should you insert dialogue?

When should you move from narrator consciousness to talking?

How long should you make the responses?


"Author Roz Morris gives us seven simple steps to writing great dialogue. You would think most would seem obvious, but some of them are real ah ha! moments. I really appreciate these tips:


"VISUALS - People move as they talk. They shrug, make faces, cook, clean, etc. Create a picture in your reader's mind. This will create a richer, more dramatic scene.


"REACTIONS - Are the characters reacting and talking or does their internal dialogue evaporate when they start being vocal?


"DECLUTTER - Think of your reader when you write dialogue. Readers scan through these scenes quickly, and don't need to be told of every breath and blink. Let your scene sit for a few days, and go back at it with fresh eyes to take out the fat.


"Head on over to the article to read four more great tips!"


***This review was written by Penelope Silvers for her curated content on "Writing Rightly"***


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