Murry Shohat - Likes, Conversions, and a "Saved Brain" | Writing mag |

"I had fallen in love with the platform because it’s a great way to bring content together from a social networking standpoint. I started a on Dental Implants. I was having very good luck with that!


Then, when a client came along complaining about a blog and how it was difficult to find people who were willing to tackle a blog for the company, I suggested that we do! In fact, I set it up for the client on a pro bono basis before the client decided to continue with it (Modern Manufacturing Technology).


Now, a percentage of users click through to the Industrial Press site, a major publisher of books about manufacturing tech. People arrive by search at the site , find information in the top ten scoops, and click through to the ecommerce site through ads and buy books!


It also helps with social networking automation - I automate every one of my scoops to the Industrial Press Facebook page, to a WordPress blog and to Twitter. I love the write once, publish many times mentality. Our Facebook likes have dramatically increased in just 60 days, solely from posting from"


"I just love When Google Knol was shut down, I found it, and it saved my brain! Continuing to use it for my clients taught me how great of an idea this is and how wonderful the platform was for my objectives."