Using Story in Design, Innovation, Problem Solving | Scriveners' Trappings |
How narrative intelligence can help everyone design solutions and generate useful data.

Karen Dietz's insight:

I really like how this author, Denise Withers, talks about how our narrative intelligence (our knowledge of story structure, and our story thinking ways) can be applied in business to solve problems, help decision making, and be used as another design process to improve innovation.

Love it, love it. These points apply to any business or nonprofit. Withers shares anecdotes to make her points, and offers great advice.

As an aside -- my friend and story colleague Madelyn Blair and I were just talking the other day about narrative intelligence and a book she'd like to write about it with another story colleague Denise Lee. Get busy Madelyn and Denise! We need that book :))

Via Dr. Karen Dietz, Jim Lerman