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   Possibilities of a World War III


The tension in the Arabic countries, India and Pakistan,Tibet and China, South Korea and North Korea, China and US, Taiwan and China, North Korea and US, Pakistan and US, etc will most likely be factors of World War III.

World War III may start in the growing tension between US and China. China, an enemy of Taiwan in many ways. But the bond between Taiwan and US is growing, causing disputes between US and China.Pakistan, and ally of China will side with China, and Israel, an ally of US, will go with the US, causing the Arab nations to help China, causing US and it’s allies to lose precious oil. US will have to rely on Russia and Brazil, allowing the two to possibly become superpowers. The European Nations are allied to US, and UN will condemn China’s attack on Taiwan by sending troops there.

It might be like this: Arabs hate Israel, a war may start there. US, and many European and UN countries will side with Israel. Taiwan, Mexico, Canada, and Australia, allies of US will join on US's side.China, an enemy of Taiwan, will join the Arabs. Pakistan, an ally of China will join China with the Arabs, and India, an enemy of Pakistan will join US. China would be weakened by its enemies, US and the other countries, because they won’t buy China’s goods. China would then be racked by revolutions, caused by the poor, due to the lack of pressure formerly placed upon them. The Chinese troops would most likely be withdrawn to fight a war with the revolutionaries. The US would support the rebels, obviously the smaller anti-communist army.The PLA Chinese army has the biggest army, racking up a huge amount of fear in the rebels, the American help will only soothe the outside of their fear, not permanently, causing some rebels to quit. However, many Chinese soldiers will defect to the rebels. The GMD/KMT (Guo Ming Dang/Kuo Ming Tang) may also attack the PRC (People’s Republic of China).Navies, Marines, and Air Force may be increasingly used by the KMT, US, European Countries,Canada, Mexico, and Australia, while the army will be used more by China and North Korea. North Korea, a state in constant war with its Southern enemy, has the 4th biggest army in the word. China has the biggest army in the world, causing massive damage.

Another possibility of a World War III is in the Korean Peninsula, because the recently deceased Kim Jong il had a taste for a supreme army and advanced nuclear weapons, his son may use the 4th biggest army and advance nuclear weapons to attack South Korea, as his grandfather, Kim Sung il. US would condemn North Korea and start a war there, China supporting North Korea along with Cuba and Laos, while Pakistan has to join its ally, China.

A different possibility is that Palestine independence would spark a war between Israel and Palestine, US with Israel, Taiwan, UK, Canada, Mexico, Australia, etc, while Arabs will be with Palestine. China, an enemy of Taiwan, will join on the Arabs’ side. Pakistan, an ally of China will join the Arabs, while India, a nemesis of Pakistan , will join US.


Iran may start a war with US, but it will not be major enough to be a world war.