Combien de Fans pour une station de ski? | Digital & Tourisme |

We took current Facebook fan counts, Twitter follower totals, and skier visit averages for 27 resorts. What we were looking for was a ratio: for every X number of skier visits a resort has, about how many fans/followers should they have?

Let’s start with Facebook. The ratio here was about 20:1. in other words, for every 20 annual skier visits, a resort should expect to have 1 fan. This is a ratio of annual averages (skier visits) compared to a growing total (fans), so this doesn’t mean that if 2,000 people visit your resort tomorrow you should expect to see 100 new fans.

Now for Twitter. There are about 5 times as many Facebook fans of ski resorts (700,000 Twitter followers vs 3,600,000 Facebook fans), so we expected to see a similar difference in the ration for Twitter which we did. The number here was a little over 100:1. So, if you see 250,000 skier visits each year, you would expect to have about 2,500 followers on Twitter right now.

Via Aurélien de PIERREFEU, Mathieu Ros, Roland Schegg