World’s first mimicry computer developed in China
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World’s first mimicry computer developed in China
World’s first mimicry computer developed in China- Inspired by the octopus — the world’s most skilled “master of camouflage” — Chinese scientists have now put forward a new theory of mimicry computing and successfully developed the world’s first dynamic variable structure mimicry computer based on bionics, cognitive science and information technology. Scientists got the inspiration from the “master of camouflage,” as octopi can combine their highly flexible bodies with their color-changing ability to accurately mimic at least 15 different animals. Unlike a conventional computer which features “fixed structure and software-programming reliance,” the mimicry computer has a dynamic structure and can adjust to users’ various needs by changing its configuration. Tests show that mimicry computers are highly effective, somewhere between ten and one hundred times more so than conventional computers. According to experts, the success represents a breakthrough in highly-effective computer research, making China a pioneer in the field of computers, instead of just following suit. Meanwhile, the invention also means a major innovation in active defense system research.
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