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Fortress in the Sky: Buried Christian Empire Casts New Light on Early Islam

Fortress in the Sky: Buried Christian Empire Casts New Light on Early Islam | world history |
Archeologists are studying the ruins of a buried Christian empire in the highlands of Yemen. The sites have sparked a number of questions about the early history of Islam. Was there once a church in Mecca?


A  work of human self-portrayal has turned up in Yemen. It is a figure, chiseled in stone, which apparently stems from the era of the Prophet.


Paul Yule, an archeologist from the southwestern German city of Heidelberg, has studied the relief, which is 1.70 meters (5'7") tall, in Zafar, some 930 kilometers (581 miles) south of Mecca. It depicts a man with chains of jewelry, curls and spherical eyes. Yule dates the image to the time around 530 AD.


In 525 AD, the Negus, or king, of Aksum dispatched a fleet across the Red Sea. Soldiers and fighting elephants were ferried across the water to the East on un-tarred, raft-like ships to spread the gospel. In the ensuing decades, his army captured large parts of Arabia.


Could this be a fragment of the kingdom?

Via David Connolly
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The History of Islam and The Crusades

The History of Islam and The Crusades | world history |

via Islam Exposed:

This is such an important article, I hope everyone will take the time to read. I 've heard so many arguments about the evil Crusaders on Facebook..but its time for people to understand REAL history... The Western nations have been called the imperialists for so long, that we have obscured who the real imperialists throughout history really are.

And now here we are, repeating this history again....And what have we learned from the past? Not too much, it seems. The Crusades was a defensive response to brutal Islamic aggression. It was Islam that threw the world into the dark ages..and kept it there for centuries, until finally, the west and Christendom had had enough and fought back. We are faced with this same problem again today. PLease read the article below for more insight, so that the next time Christians are villanized for the Crusades, you will be informed and armed with the truth.

This time, this terrible satanic force, Islam, will be crushed forever... No more Islam. Good riddance!
excerpts from article

" One of the idiocies passed off for decades among Western historians is bemoaning the Crusades as evil. The Islamic world -- the Ummah -- has disseminated this imaginary charge against the West, and like fools, we have absorbed Arab lies and taken the blame to heart. But the most superficial reading of Western history should put that canard to rest...

Historians would blame the Dark Ages on the Germanic Tribes, but the Goths and Vikings readily Christianized and embraced the higher civilization of the lands they conquered. The reality is that Islamic raiding is what produced the Dark Ages. Trade and the economy collapsed under the Muslim threat, plunging Europe into stagnation.

In 1095, after centuries of Muslim aggression, Pope Urban II finally had enough, and called Christians to war. He did so after the Byzantine Empire, now broken away from Roman Catholicism, appealed for fraternal help from the Western Christians to save them from Islam. After over 4 centuries of war with Islam, the Byzantines were on the verge of collapse. Most of Spain was still under Islamic tyranny. Malta and Sicily had only been recently freed.

One may condemn the atrocities of the Crusaders, but what infuriates the objective student of history is that the far greater crimes of Islam are ignored.

The Crusades was Christendom finally fighting back, not always honorably, but against a foe which had plunged Europe into darkness for centuries.

Instead we allowed our students to be brainwashed, and force fed an Islamic line that we have to feel guilty. The Muslims invaded Southern Europe, yet somehow we Westerners are labeled the imperialists.

Islamic aggression did not end with the Crusades.

The reason Columbus headed West was because the Muslims had blocked all trade routes to the East. Yet, we are never told this.

Up until the 16th century, Italy was regularly invaded by Islam. Otranto was taken by the Turks in 1480, and held for only 10 months. Yet, it was time enough to behead over 800 Christians who refused to convert.

Piracy and kidnapping was so common that Catholic Churches in Southern Europe had donation boxes where the faithful could contribute to ransom hostages.

One could go on and on. The Islamic subjugation of Greece and the Balkans. The kidnapping of hundreds of thousands of Christian boys, over the centuries, to be forcibly converted to Islam, and compelled to serve in the Ottoman Army as Janissaries.

The Islamic attempt to take Vienna. Twice! In 1529 and 1683.

A half million or more slaves from the British Isles were kidnapped on the high seas by the religion of peace.
It was not until the U.S. Marines took on the Barbary Pirates and the French razed Algeria that Islamic predation finally stopped in the 19th century; but all of this is forgotten. Somehow, white Christians are the only villains now.

We hear the Muslims bewail about British imperialism; but the British do not want to go back to Egypt. The Muslim do want Andulasia back. We hear about French crimes in Algeria -- which were real -- but do we remember that Islamic predation that was the real agent which caused the Dark Ages. Europeans were in North Africa for only a century, but Islam pounded Europe for 1200 years. Yet, it is the Arabs who claim victim status.

But what do our politicians do, but apologize for the Crusades. Why?! Have the Muslims apologized for 1400 years of their crimes?!

Part of this idiocy stems from a hyper-liberal view of history which views European Christianity as inherently evil. It permeates the culture of academia; and refuses to see the real evil of Islam.

Sadly, a second cause is an ancillary residue of historiography which has a tradition of exaggerating the real crimes of Catholicism out of all proportion. The Spanish call this exaggeration the Black Legend of the Inquisition; and it results in a pseudo-acquittal of Islam, by blaming the Crusades on Catholicism.

Let us not forget that it was Catholic Europe which insulated Northwest European Protestants from Islam's full fury. It was Catholic Spain which eventually broke the Turkish fleet at the Battle of Lepanto in 1571. It was Catholic Poland's Jan Sobieski who saved Northwest Europe at Vienna in 1683 AD. It was the Catholic French who tamed Algeria in 1830.

Let us not forget either that it was Catholic France which saved the Christians of Lebanon in 1860 while the Protestant British were arming the Druze.

The time for apologizing to Islam must end.

Via littlebytesnews
littlebytesnews's curator insight, September 10, 2013 1:31 AM

I agree, it's time to stop apologizing and appeasing our enemies! 

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The Long History of the Indian Child Welfare Act - Jotwell: Legal History

The Long History of the Indian Child Welfare Act - Jotwell: Legal History | world history |
Margaret D.Jacobs, Remembering the "Forgotten Child": The American Indian Child Welfare Crisis of the 1960s and 1970s, 37 American Indian Quarterly 136 (Winter/Spring 2013).The modern nation-state is rife with contradictions: “hard” borders that are...

Via Jacqueline Keeler
Jacqueline Keeler's curator insight, November 6, 2013 11:49 AM

"To be clear, the majority opinion in Adoptive Couple v. Baby Girl is not devoid of history—it recognizes the ICWA’s concern for the disproportionate number of Indian children separated from their families and tribes through abusive child welfare practices—but the larger context is missing. Sometimes such omissions reflect gaps in the historical literature: knowledge about the past is easily lost when people are afraid or ashamed to talk, or when historians fail to ask them. In this instance, however, there was not only a selection of historically informed amicus briefs, but also Jacobs’ superb scholarly article. Jacobs, a Bancroft-winning historian, explains why “the fostering and adoption of Indian children outside their families and communities had reached . . . crisis proportions by the late 1960s,” and why Native Americans ultimately demanded greater legal protections. (P. 137.)"

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Native Women Campaigning for Human Rights in North America · Causes - #Trafficking #VAWA #IdleNoMore

Native Women Campaigning for Human Rights in North America · Causes - #Trafficking #VAWA #IdleNoMore | world history |


Campaigning for Justice; Culture, Traditions, Language, and Legal Hereditary Rights for our Children


1) Native women experience Triple Jeopardy Discrimination from the time they are born: being a woman, a woman of color, and living within a lower income.


2) Native women experience racialized sexual violence from media images, news print, education - history, employment, from a partner or spouse, strangers, and within the layers of the Justice System, directly caused from the history of colonization and oppressive domination through the Indian Act. We want dignity, respect, and a voice!


3) Native women in North America are five times more likely than other women of the same age to die as the result of violence according to statistics North America


1. Native Women Need Housing, To live with Warmth, Safety, and Security

2. Native Women Require Proper Health Care, Education, Employment, and Training.

3. Native Women Want a Political Voice in North America; because they are denied basic human rights within the layers of the justice system and society.


Via Sarah LittleRedfeather Kalmanson
Sarah LittleRedfeather Kalmanson's curator insight, September 18, 2013 11:53 AM

HAVE A VOICE ... DO SOMETHING .. #Trafficking #VAWA #IdleNoMore

Chase Van Sant's curator insight, October 2, 2013 11:54 AM

I think that this article is interesting because Indians were the first to step foot on U.S. soil. They helped start the U.S. and the still aren't being treated fairly. They should be treated fairly because they are women just like everyone else. 

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Bharatlover - Tang Dynasty

Bharatlover - Tang Dynasty | world history |
Tang Dynasty The Tang dynasty ruled China from 618 to 907 AD, reigning from the city of Xian, which became the largest city in the world at that time.

Via mrslaing
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5,300-Year-Old Mummy Has 19 Living Relatives In Austria

5,300-Year-Old Mummy Has 19 Living Relatives In Austria | world history |
New DNA tests performed on a 5,300-year-old mummy reveal that Ötzi the iceman has 19 living male descendents in Austria.

Via ARCE-NOLA, Shonda Brock
ARCE-NOLA's curator insight, October 15, 2013 11:06 AM

It's not Egypt, but interesting for mummy studies.

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Roman Empire


Austen Kindle's insight:

Rome had began in the 3rd century BC. Centuries before reaching its peek, Rome was governed as a republic.Republican provinces were administered by former consuls. They were elected to one year terms. Rome had a major transition from coming from a Republic to a imperial autocracy. Romes first emperor was Augustus.Augustus started out the empire strong creating many forms of laws and expanding Roman borders.Due to his great success he began and built one of the greatest political and social societies in our worlds history up to today.

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Islam’s Reign of Terror

Islam’s Reign of Terror | world history |

Violence is in Islam's DNA. Mohammad died in 632. His successors continued his jihad until all of the Arabian Peninsula and Armenia were under Islamic rule. In 634 the Muslims invaded Palestine. In 639 they invaded Egypt and took Alexandria. In 711 the Muslims invaded and conquered Spain, but were turned back by the Franks at the battle of Tours in 732 from conquering the rest of Europe.


Brutality and violence are endemic to Islam's history because it rejects on principle the only civilized means of settling disputes peacefully: persuasion, debate, discussion, i.e., man's faculty of reason. Islam regards man as a helpless plaything in a chaotic universe ruled by a spiteful, omnipotent, supernatural deity (Allah). The common man must submit to Allah (and his representatives here on Earth) because he is by nature incapable of thinking for himself. Every totalitarian ideology starts by attacking man's faculty of reason. Much is made of the "peaceful" verses in the Koran. But those passages are as irrelevant to Islam's essence as is the fact that Mafia hit men might be ''peaceful'' at a child's birthday party.

Via Pulp Ark
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Where is Genghis Khan buried? - History

Where is Genghis Khan buried? - History | world history |
Where is Genghis Khan buried? History In 2004 Japanese-Mongolian researchers discovered the remains of what they think is Khan's palace complex on the grassy steppe of Khentii Province, 150 miles east of the Mongolian capital, Ulan Bator;...

Via Frank Kusters
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Human rights tribunal resumes hearings on First Nations child and family services funding - APTN National News

Human rights tribunal resumes hearings on First Nations child and family services funding - APTN National News | world history |
The human rights case against the federal government resumed this week with a history lesson on Indian Residential Schools.

Via Velvet Martin
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Distorting Indian Freedom Struggle History To Strengthen Indian Nationalism Anchored To Hindu Religious Ethos By Jaspal Singh Sidhu

Current centenary year of the Ghadar Party ,founded in America in March,1913 by Indians of Punjab origin with overwhelming participation of the Sikhs to level of 96-97 per cent has not remained confined to customary celebrations. 

Via Ramy Jabbar رامي
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Religion in Ancient Egypt ~ Ancient Egypt Facts

Religion in Ancient Egypt ~ Ancient Egypt Facts | world history |

Today scholars are agreed that the many divinities found in Egyptian temples are to be considered as attributes or intermediaries of the Supreme Being, the One God, the only one recognized and worshipped by the priests, those initiates or wise men of the sanctuaries.


At the pinnacle of the Egyptian pantheon there stands a God who is unique, immortal, who was not created, who is invisible and hidden in the inaccessible depths of his own Being. 

Via Shonda Brock
Shonda Brock's curator insight, September 11, 2013 10:27 AM


Aladin Fazel's curator insight, September 13, 2013 3:26 PM

i think, it must be read,,

abigail's curator insight, October 23, 2013 9:39 PM

Life in ancient Egypt revolved around many abstract objects and believes unlike the Americans but are similar to those who are environmentally located close to  these cultural people. 

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Smart Talk: Ancient Greek and Roman ghost stories sound familiar; science of ... -

Smart Talk: Ancient Greek and Roman ghost stories sound familiar; science of ... - | world history |
Smart Talk: Ancient Greek and Roman ghost stories sound familiar; science of ...
University of Massachusetts Classics professor Dr. Debbie Felton appears on Thursday's Smart Talk to discuss ghost stories from ancient Greece and Rome.

Via Ruby Carat
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Ancient Greek City-States

Ancient History

Austen Kindle's insight:

This week i studied and looked up different information about ancient Greece. The polis was ancient Greek city-state. Politics come from this greek word. Greece was a low central agricultural area surrounded by hills that were protcective. Athens was center of Attica. Ancient Greeks defined themselves as citizens of their individual city-states. Each city-state had its own personality, goals, laws, and customs. Ancient Greeks were very loyal to their city States. All the city-states believed in the same gods, and all spoke the same language. If a person was from Sparta he would say I am Spartan, and if he was from Athens he would say I am Athenian.

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