Global Human Capital Trends 2013 | Workplace of the future |

New research from Deloitte and AMP Capital examines how the workplace of the future will be designed around individuals instead of institutions, and will operate like interconnected hubs, allowing people to select work spaces that suit their changing needs and wants. The findings come from the report, It’s (almost) all about me. Workplace 2030: Built for us, a report commissioned by AMP Capital and authored by Deloitte, which examines the future trends that will affect the workplace through anticipated changes in workers and work itself.

The findings reveal:

Workers will be...

More diverse and individually empoweredHighly valued for their connections across businesses, industries and the globe.

Work will be...

Less about time and more about insight through data and collaborationMore virtual and global.

Workplaces will...

Enable people to work in the cloud and have their feet on the groundBe adapted to multiple needs and purposesBe in multiple places, including vibrant precincts.

Via Denis Pennel