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Playing Netball

Playing Netball | Work & Play Environment |
Debbie Lee Corrigan's insight:

My daughters both play netball outside of their schooling days and now their working lives. It has always been apart of our lives, but there is also a seriousness to the injuries and the general wellbeing of the players, coaches, umpires and general people at the association.


They have to contend with the weather if its hot  they need to protect from the sun and apply sun screen.  If its raining you need to be advised when to stop playing. The surface can be slippery and dangerous so the association needs to then act on the duty of care.


The umpires of the game are also aware of the surroundings and make sure that all is ok for the game to take place. They also check on fingernails of players for any scratching etc.

The player looks after any injury they make have to strap - netball has many injuries with knees, ankles plus shin splints, gravel rash and so on.


The players safety is financially supported in their registration fees, which is affiliated with the Qld governing body, which then carries onto the Australian governing body. The local governing body will also have their own policies for rules and procedures, but will also adopt the governing bodies. At anytime a player will be able to look at these through the web page,


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Scooped by Debbie Lee Corrigan!


Cleaner | Work & Play Environment |
Debbie Lee Corrigan's insight:

Our friendly cleaning lady works in the practice where the echo technician works.

These people are the quiet achievers, they come in and do their job and leave. I came across a really good site with regards to cleaners.


In the cleaning industry the major problems for injury are slip trips and falls & manual handling plus other issues are falling from heights, & chemical burns.

This relates to all of the issues a cleaner could come across which you really don't think a lot about such as:

Manual tasks • New and young workers

• Slips, trips and falls • First aid and amenities

• Hazardous substances • Emergency procedures

• Falls from height • Noise

• Electrical safety • Violence and aggression

• Machine guarding • Sharps and body fluids

• Personal protective equipment • Working alone


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Echocardiogram Technician

Echocardiogram Technician | Work & Play Environment |
Debbie Lee Corrigan's insight:

Kass is at work in her environment. Her day starts at 8am til 6pm she works 4 days a week but her day could also end up being longer.


In the past year the practice has gone from a small family practice to being part of a national company.

The website for this company has a long list of procedures and policies . Whereas previous to this OHS, and any other policy was non existent.


Kass could end up with a musculoskeletal disorder : There is continual use of the right wrist with the other hand typing in the figures.

There is posture issues if not in the correct chair-

she has an ergonomic chair in place.

There could be back and neck discomfort.

Its important to have good ergonomic work space.


Duty of care and safety of patients is a major priority. The practice conducts its business from a hospital there are policies and procedures with in the hospital too.


 Hazards could be :

Manual handling, gravity, electricity, machinery & equipment plus psychosocial hazards.





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Junior Administration

Junior Administration | Work & Play Environment |
Debbie Lee Corrigan's insight:

Ruby is a new staff member who is just starting to the learn the ropes after just completing high school.

She is currently in training and has just joined the team at the Medical practice, it has just been taken on by a national company. Which gives us all access to a wide range of policies an procedures.


If Ruby continues to work in the practice she needs to be aware of her work station and having everything accessible to her reach. The fact she has the head set on is a great start. There is potential to end up with a Musculoskeletal Disorder. Another great site is the University of NSW which displays a Office Safety Toolkit,


Other potential hazards we can come across in our daily office procedures.

Perfumes and other scents(potential allergens)

In some cases, exposure to cleaning productsIndoor air qualitySitting for long periods of timeWorking in from awkward positions, or performing repetitive manual tasksLifting awkward or heavy objectsEye strainWorking in uncomfortable temperaturesAnnoying or distracting noise and vibration from electronic equipmentSlips, trips and fallsRisk of violenceWorking aloneStress



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Barista | Work & Play Environment |
Debbie Lee Corrigan's insight:

This is Tash who works long hours on her feet all. She is a barista in a busy McDonalds store.


Tash has odd, early starts, irregular sleep patterns. She could suffer from musculoskeletal Disorder, MSD. This can relate to the long hours standing at the coffee machine. The continual frothing of milk and holding of the jug. The posture and the holding of the neck could all lead into discomfort.


Food safety: handling of food, documenting of food in cabinets, the making and prepping of food, food rotation. Storage - FIFO. Correct procedures and policies.


Psychosocial hazards - the job can be very stressful, it is high pressure big turnover of customers and trying to keep all happy. Large turn over of staff - also dealing with young staff. Management all yelling orders


Other hazards: Extreme temperature, burns etc.


Machinery & Equipment



With a national company as McDonalds they do have the benefit of policies and procedures, these can be accessed via the M-Time login which staff members utilise.

Not sure if a lot of the staff even know that these policies are here.

There is continual training available via their login.



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