WordPress Web Design Philippines
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WordPress Web Design Philippines
WordPress is a very powerful website platform that every website owners should utilize. It’s been endlessly evolving and is now not only for the typical blog set-up anymore. WordPress can be use to make a full-fledged Philippines website for any purposes. The sad part is that, most people have no idea that this is even possible.

If your web designer and developer in the Philippines doesnt know the full power of WordPress yet, then maybe you need to consider changing web developers. WordPress is fast becoming the choice of platform to be use at any websites today. Here are some of the ways you can use WordPress.

WordPress as An Article Directory – through the help of a special plugin called myarticlemarketer.com, your WordPress site and instantly become an article directory where people can submit articles into and then the administrator will review and approved it.

WordPress as a Membership Site – You can set-up a free or paid membership site using WordPress. You can even setup different membership levels such as Free, Silver, Gold and Platinum. All it takes is a few simple plugins like AmemberPro.net to get the job done. After you installed the plugin, people can then signup and login to your site, It can do the typical things a membership site can do. Like have a profile where the recent activities are on there including purchasing activities, posting activities and more.

WordPress as a Classified Ads System – WordPress can work like any other classifieds website too. Users can sign-up on your site and place classifieds in the form of new blog posts. They can even set expiry dates for their ads and specify listings or “wanted” ads. WordPress used as classified ads system gathers a lot of social media presence too because of it’s ability to be shared.

WordPress a Job Portal Site – A job portal site works almost like a classified ads system. Added features would be the ability for users to register as the job finder and the job provider as well as the ability to let them send resumes and view resumes. All these are possible using WordPress and just a few plugins.

WordPress as an Audio / Video Training Site – WordPress are perfect for playing audios and videos. You will be able to display and stream MP3 audio or FLV video using their built-in players. The Podpress plugin is really robust and also allows you to specify setting on iTunes, so you can make this commercially and available to the entire iPod / iTunes community.

Now you already know. There’s a whole lot of possibilities when it comes to using WordPress to the extreme. Every day brings new possibilities to using WordPress as a complex CMS instead of the modest blogging tool it was designed to be! Website owners should make sure that their web designers and developers know that WordPress can be perfect for any Philippines websites. f you dont have a web developer yet, make sure to choose and find a WordPress Expert in the Philippines.

If you want one, you can contact me at any of the numbers provided below.

Ref: http://www.neilven.com/wordpress-perfect-philippines-websites/
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