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Culture is hot. ...we have observed a markedly increasing emphasis on culture.   Case studies are how to achieve sustaining transformational change via  Boston Consulting Group



Leaders ...want to know how to spark the behaviors that will deliver results during the transformation—and sustain them well beyond. 



Leaders trying to reshape their organization’s culture are asking: How can we break down silos and become more collaborative or innovative? Others, struggling to execute strategy, are wondering: How do we reconnect with our customers or adapt more proactively to the new regulatory environment?


Leaders overseeing a major transformation want to know how to spark the behaviors that will deliver results during the transformation—and sustain them well beyond.


Those involved with a postmerger integration grapple with how to align the two cultures with the new operating model—and reap the sought-after synergies.


And those simply seeking operating improvements often ask: How can we become more agile? Accelerate decision making? Embed an obsession for continuous improvement throughout the organization?

Via The Learning Factor, Deb Nystrom, REVELN