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The final goal in the game that put the U.S. women's soccer team into the Olympics was scored by Alex Morgan, the super-sub who made her name at last year's World Cup. That's the same Alex Morgan who wasn't a sub at all ...


1. The basic subject of this article was the US women's occer team qualif for the Olympis.

2.  Some information the writer gave was the scores of the games, the people who played in the games that got them to qualify for the Olympics and some wins and losses by the US women's team.

3. The writer believes that the United States played pretty sloppy in the game against Costa Rica that helped get them to qualify, but they pulled it off because of the deep roster.

4. The game was quite a bit more suspenseful than expected, with the Americans overcoming some early sloppiness and waiting until deep into the second half to put the game away.

Real fun now begins over the next six months as Sundhage figures out how best to use the best, deepest roster of women soccer players in the world.

6. The columnist knows what he is talking about when it comes to soccer, and he has a very strong about how they played.

7. This article was writen for anyone who is interested in the US women's national team qualifying for the Olympics, and nyone one who wants to know how the US got to the qualify based on how they played.

8. This article does offer enough information to agree that the US did play sloppy in the beginning and that th could pull through and qualify. There is enough information because the author puts in quotes from players that show there determination when they play and the fact that hey have one of the deepest rosters in the world.


2.This article had a couple different rhetorical strategies. The auother first used logos and pathos. The logo in the fact that Alex Morgan did score that goal but then he went into how sloppy they had played which could get the reader angry if they didn't believe that the US Women's team played sloppy.  There was also more pathos when the author brought in comments made by the players.  Some comments were based on not going into the game while another player did. Some other comments were on how they pulled through even after all the nerves they went through during the game. Having these strategies helps the reader get more into the article and the player's own feelings on the games.