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Sisqo - Is Love Enough

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This song describes how he was cheating and he was sorry because he really did love his girl and she forgave him...this time

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why do some women think it`s okay to mess with a married man?

why do some women think it`s okay to mess with a married man? | women role | Scoop.it
I think they feel like he wouldn't be looking if he was satisfied with his wife. I think they get a rush from knowing he comes to them to get satisfaction. The aftermath doesn't seem to be t
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Bite me

UMMMM seems to me it takes at least two to tango in this situation !! Maybe that is exactly what they want, someone who doesnt want a commitment....who won't pressure them for anything else....just for the sex!!!!!!!!!!


I am in this situation. It's not something I would chose to do myself, but the man initiated it with me. My feeling is that I can't be the world's moral conscience. I can make sure I dont cheat on my spouse and that's all I can be responsible for. If someone isn't happy in their relationship, nothing I can do is going to change that. I have never once thought he would leave his wife for me, so maybe that's why it works for me. He's a gorgeous man and I have alot of fun with him. I'm just enjoying him while I can.

Kimi Cabanna

I think they feel like he wouldn't be looking if he was satisfied with his wife. I think they get a rush from knowing he comes to them to get satisfaction. The aftermath doesn't seem to be that big of deal to them because they don't realize how real it will actually be. I'm sure they convince themselves that he'll leave and she wont be a like every other mistress - left alone because he picks his wife over her. So it seems like they're just blind - I don't know if stupid is the right word or not - ok it is :D

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Possible reasons to stay with a cheating husband

Y do women stay

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Reasons Women Stay with Cheating SpousesCheryl E PrestonSun August 4th, 2013Andre Weiner's wife, Huma Abedin says she has forgiven him his sexcapades, and will stand by her man. Her decision has many wondering: Why do wives, stay with husbands who cheat. This is an age old question, that has varied answers. Two female experts, Dr. Laura Trice, and Dr. Karen Ruskin list 5 reasons they believe women stay with cheating husbands.

Number 1: The lying has stopped.

Dr. Laura Trice, wrote in the Huffington Post, that women feel better , after everything is out in the open. And believe that with the lying over with, they can begin to repair their marriages.

Number 2: Children

Dr. Trice believes many women stay with a husband after infidelity, because they do not desire to uproot children. She adds that she is not sure which is the right path, as in some situations, children may be damaged more by the cheating, than divorce.


Number 3: Love and forgiveness:

According to Dr. Karen Ruskin, the number 1 reason a wife will forgive her straying spouse, is because she forgives him, as she still loves him.

Number 4: Compartmentalization

Dr. Ruskin says, that wives separate the infidelity from the husband as a whole. The one bad decision, does not cancel out all the good ones.

Number 5: Fear of failure: Dr. Ruskin indicates, that many wives have a fear of the unknown. They stay with their husbands, because they are apprehensive about living life without them.

I have three reasons of my own, why I believe women stay with spouses who have broken their marriage vows.

Number 1: Honoring the marriage vows

I know women, who believe their marriages vows, which say: "for richer for poorer, for better or worse, in sickness and in health, till death do us part," is to be taken literal. These women take seriously the vows they have made, and desire to obey them.

Number 2: Mark 10:9

I have heard many many women over the years quote this scripture, which came straight from the mouth of Jesus.Therefore, what God has joined, let no man put asunder. More than the vows which were repeated in front of a minister, a number of Christian women believe that marriage represents the relationship of Christ to His church, as the church is often referred to as the bride of Christ. And are determined that no man,(or woman) will break the bonds of holy matrimony.

3. Desire to one up, the other woman/ women


The bible says in Proverbs, that "Hell hath n fury, like a woman scorned" Wives who have been scored, may have the need to prove they won over the other woman/women. The wife may be hell bent on showing her husband's mistress, that she was nothing more than a fling, while she the wife, has the home, children and the good life.

Huma Abedin, has chosen as did her boss Hilary Clinton, to yet again forgive her husband. Marie Shriver and Jennie Sanford, are public figures, who chose not to stand by their cheating men. Research indicates, more women take the attitude of Abedin and Clinton. According to author Peggy Vaughan, 75% of women stay with spouses who commit adultery.

Other reasons given as to why women stay with men who cheat on the are:

1. Finance

There are women who are unable to, or believe they cannot make it on their own without the financial support of a spouse.

2. Status,

Some wives love being known as Mrs. so and so. They revel in the fact that their husband is a doctor, lawyer, celebrity or politician.

3. Concern regarding what family and friends think about divorce,. There are families where divorce is simply not done. And there have been women who lost friends, when they became single.


4. Hidden agenda

I am watching this play out right now, on the television show, The haves and the have nots, on the OWN network. A couple sleeps in separate bedrooms, and can hardly stand the sight of each other.They both are vested in the union, because the husband is running for governor. When one of the husband's mistresses ran into the wife's bedroom to come clean, the wife responded that she had her husband's wallet in one hand and his balls in the other.

Every woman whose husband strays, has the right to handle the situation, as they see best for themselves. Whether they leave or stay, it is a personal decision. And we should accept their choices, without criticism.

When it comes to why a woman stays with a cheating spouse, or not, a good rule of thumb would be a phrase I heard in church years ago; "Stay out of other people's business the first 6 months of the year, and mind your own business the last 6". The bottom line is no one knows for certain why woman stay with men who cheat. It could be a combination of all the above, or non.

Year ago Ann Landers, in her columnwould tell wives to ask themselves one important question; "Are you better off with him, or without him.It could be as simple a a woman looking at her overall situation,(which those looing from outside in do not see) and decide she is better off staying.

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