Abortion Access in Poland: Setting back the clock on choice | Women of The Revolution | Scoop.it
The right to legal, safe abortion has to be one of the most of fundamental tenets of women’s rights. The ability to control one’s reproduction by means of good sex education, easy access to contraception and ultimately the option to terminate an unplanned/unwanted pregnancy, are characteristics that no women’s movement can do without.Unfortunately, in many parts of the world women cannot count on abortion services should they require them. It is not only an issue in developing nations, or places where there never was a women’s movement or even regions where access to abortion was never legal. Poland is another such country which at the moment has one of the most restrictive abortion laws in Europe. Those restrictions are only on the books since 1993. I would like to be optimistic about the future of reproductive rights in Poland. Feminist groups are working hard to have an honest, just discussion about the realities for millions of women, but large sectors of society are not ready. The power of the Church on Polish policy doesn’t bode well for women’s rights. Being from Poland, I notice minor social and cultural changes every time I visit, but the recovery from decades of communism is not obstacle free. For the necessary changes to come there needs to be a constant, steadfast push by national and global women’s groups to ensure women’s rights are a priority in every regard.