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With My Right Brain
Irrationality is predictable. We need to release "rational man" assumption.
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10 Cognitive Biases That Can Lead to Bad Decisions

10 Cognitive Biases That Can Lead to Bad Decisions | With My Right Brain | Scoop.it
CFOs should try to overcome these cognitive biases, or predospositions, and urge their finance teams to do the same, says TRI Corp.'s Thomas Conine.

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10 Things Highly Intuitive People Do Differently

10 Things Highly Intuitive People Do Differently | With My Right Brain | Scoop.it

Intuition is challenging to define, despite the huge role it plays in our everyday lives. Steve Jobs called it, for instance, "more powerful than intellect." But however we put it into words, we all, well, intuitively know just what it is. Pretty much everyone has experienced a gut feeling -- that unconscious reasoning that propels us to do something without telling us why or how. But the nature of intuition has long eluded us, and has inspired centuries' worth of research and inquiry in the fields of philosophy and psychology. "I define intuition as the subtle knowing without ever having any idea why you know it," Sophy Burnham, bestselling author of The Art of Intuition, tells The Huffington Post. "It's different from thinking, it's different from logic or analysis ... It's a knowing without knowing."

Our intuition is always there, whether we're aware of it or not. As HuffPost President and Editor-in-Chief Arianna Huffington puts it in her book Thrive:

Even when we're not at a fork in the road, wondering what to do and trying to hear that inner voice, our intuition is always there, always reading the situation, always trying to steer us the right way. But can we hear it? Are we paying attention? Are we living a life that keeps the pathway to our intuition unblocked? Feeding and nurturing our intuition, and living a life in which we can make use of its wisdom, is one key way to thrive, at work and in life.......

Via Philippe Vallat, Thomas Menk, Alessandro Cerboni
Philippe Vallat's curator insight, April 23, 2014 4:55 AM

How many of these 10 things do you personally do?

Eli Levine's curator insight, April 23, 2014 3:33 PM

A very interesting piece.  I can't explain to you how it works.  But I do know that it is what guides me along the way and that there's nothing worse than when one's intuition is checked negatively by reality.


Personally, I think it has something to do with those microtubules they're discovering in our brain cells.  It's a deeper connection with the reality of life, the universe and everything that most of us can have.  And it, arguably, is what will save our universe more than anything that we can contrive or create out from the nothingness of our own brain's endless ability to hallucinate or produce.


Think about it.