Texas Cancer Institute Uses Might to Curb Campus Smoking | With Billions in Grant Money, Leverage to Curb Smoking | Scoop.it

With billions of dollars at its disposal, a Texas state agency is finding an effective path in getting tobacco-free policies established — notably, at university campuses.


1.the Cancer Prevention and Research Institute of Texas is trying to put a ban on puplic smoking on universities.

2.to help limit the amount of cancer caused by cigarettes

-to help limit the amount of tobacco products brought and consumed on the university

3.I think that the writer was for the ban by the Research Institute of Texas.

4. the writer did not directly state his opinion, but it is very obvious by the statements that he gathered that his opinion was for the ban to occur.

6.I learned that students who smoke can have a negative effect on the university they attend.

7. I think this article was meant for a texas voter who will suppot the ban, this article could also be for non- smokers who hate their clean air being tainted with cigarette smoke.

8.the writer offered enough information to persuade me to want to put the burn ban in action.


2.the writer uses statements from college workers to help me understand their resoning for supporting the ban. their opinions help persuade my opinion to support the ban. the writer was successful in persuading me to support the ban of smoking on Texas universities.