How HBR Changed the Way Chris Zook Works | Wisdom On Business |

Chris collects articles that have either shaped my worldview or provided a powerful argument and data for a point of view I already held. Two thirds of these articles were from HBR


Notes on three pieces from Chris Zook's "Great Articles" file.

Michael Porter published What Is Strategy?, which argued that operational excellence alone is not strategy, and that the truly enduring companies create a unique customer experience.


Daniel Goleman's article What Makes a Leader? applies his research on emotional intelligence to this question. He concludes that the higher the rank of an executive, the less important are cognitive skills and the more dominant are the components of emotional intelligence such as self-awareness, self-regulation, and empathy.


In "Who's Got the Monkey?" William Oncken and Donald Wass demonstrate how responsibility to take action often migrates to supervisors, who are all too willing to allow subordinates to transfer their problems upward to them. The authors describe the subtle ways in which such managers discover at the end of the week that their "to-do" lists have mysteriously exploded, while their subordinates are sitting and waiting for answers from the Oracle. The result: weak teams, exhausted managers, and ever slower decision-making — lethal in a world that rewards fast decisions.