Conti di Buscareto Rosé Brut Spumante (2011) | Wines and People |

Native to the province of Ancona (in the region of Marche, Central Italy) the Lacrima grape (which is the only grape variety present in this Conti di Buscareto “Rosé Brut” Spumante) is currently only planted over around 100 hectares of land and is cultivated by less than 20 commercial producers. Here, the Lacrima grapes were gently pressed before the Charmat Method of sparkling wine production was used to make this Spumante style Conti di Buscareto “Rosé Brut”. 

Quite an intense strawberry colour in the glass, this Conti di Buscareto Rosé Brut Spumante offers pure aromas of red apples, before segueing into a palate that offers slightly synthetic red cherry, apple and bubblegum flavours. There is a similar class and subtlety to the mousse to that found in the Conti di Buscareto’s sparkling Verdicchio, although there is more residual sugar in this Rosé bottling. There is just sufficient acidity in evidence to lend balance, although a little more wouldn’t go amiss either. [...]