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Custom foot orthotics are prescription medical devices made from non-weight bearing casts of your feet. They are designed to realign the foot and correct abnormal or irregular walking patterns. Orthotics accomplish this by making alterations in how the foot strikes the ground and supporting the foot through each step.

Custom orthotics are made and prescribed specifically for the individual based on podiatric examination of the feet, taking into account things such as foot type, mechanics, joint range of motion, muscle balance, deformity, and the use intended for. A cast is taken of the feet in the correct position and this cast is sent to a lab for fabrication with a prescription. The prescription is for type of orthotics, type of material, modification to accommodate and protect from deformity, and necessary corrections to the cast to facilitate efficient foot function and reduce stress on the feet while standing, walking, or running. Custom foot orthoses are not arch supports.