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Branding is what creates customer loyalty...it is what keeps consumers loyal and buying repeatedly.


It is something that triggers associations in our minds. Branding is about creating an identity. It’s what sets one company apart from another. In short, it tells us what we can expect from that company. It’s about the perception people have of the company...Your branding is all the elements that make up a brand, whether logo, packaging, colors, reputation for customer service, reputation for customizing customer orders without complaint, speed, self-serve options, low price, high quality...


Here are 4 low-cost actions you can start on today to help your small business create, build and reinforce brand:

1) Start with clarifying what your brand stands for.
2) Audit your marketing materials.
3) Demonstrate it with stories.
4) Use colors, symbols and other elements to create visual associations.

Via Ashok Ramachandran