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It's no surprise that social media consumes a good amount of our time, and it's perfectly fine when you have nothing else to do, but when you are at work its a big no-no.

This infographic illustrates just how distracting social media can be in the workforce. According to a study conducted by Microsoft, social media causes an average of four interruptions per hour. Also, over 40% of disrupted tasks were not immediately resumed.

So how much are all these interruptions going to cost the economy? A whopping $650 billion dollars a year is lost due to interruptions (aka Facebook).

It all makes sense though, with over 1 billion Facebook posts per day, 62 billion emails sent every day, and 400 million tweets per day, it's understandable why people are gettin distracted. Many businesses are taking matters into their own hands and blocking social sites on their networks so employees cannot view them. However, if you just unplug every once in a while and wait until after work to check your Facebook or Twitter, your productivity will increase and your boss will be happier...

Via Lauren Moss, Lynnette Van Dyke