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Ένα (και όχι μόνο) wiki για το μάθημα του 2εξ Κοινωνία της Γνώσης και της Πληροφορίας ΣΧΜ ΕΜΠ
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Is Data Visualization Art?

Is Data Visualization Art? | Wiki_Universe |

Data Visualization is driven by data. Its form is often derived from optimizing the efficiency of inputting data (and information about that data) into a human brain. It is a very pragmatic practice, built around numbers and logic.

And yet it is beautiful. It evokes emotions. It can be aesthetically pleasing, or hideous. It communicates complex concepts and provokes thought. It is consumed for enjoyment. Some visualizations even share similarities with poetry.

There are several stages in the life cycle of data visualizations, and while the core of the practice is driven by rational thinking, any number of stages in the process have opportunities for subjective decisions or artistic interpretations...

Via Lauren Moss
Lauren Moss's curator insight, January 24, 2013 7:42 PM

An overview of the creative and artistic processes involved in data visualization...

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7 Actions that Teachers Can Take Right Now: Text Complexity » TextProject

7 Actions that Teachers Can Take Right Now: Text Complexity » TextProject | Wiki_Universe |

Is text complexity a new way to look at text? This post notes that the Common Core State Standards have explicitly identified text levels, which has not been done in the past. The seven actions below are detailed in the post, and you may choose to download it as a pdf. 

Action 1 - Focus on Knowledge

Action 2 - Create connections

Action 3 - Activate Students' Passion

Action 4 - Develop vocabulary

Action 5 - Increase the Volume

Action 6 - Build Up Stamina

Action 7 - Identify Benchmarks

Via Beth Dichter
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