“Hey dude! Its 21st century, get a life” my friend said to me earlier when I was dressed up in a simple shirt and trousers and have not groomed myself that day, because I thought it is all right to not to look stylish all the time.

           But, lately I thought about this for a long time ‘why that guy said this’ and it just stuck in my head. Is it all just about looks? And if it is... then till what extent good looks play a role in influencing a girl’s or a guy’s interest in you? And then I observe people from normal routine and noted down some points, study it and come up with this. The answer is “yes good looks do influence the interest level of a girl or a guy”. Well it’s a fact “don’t judge the book by its cover” that we all heard of but how many of us actually believe in it. It’s also true that people first look for physical appearance when it comes to choosing partner. But is it just good looks that matters or other things matter too? If go with Men then yes it does, because according to a survey man first look for beautiful face and an attractive body in women when choosing a partner. But the scenario seems to be strangely different in women cases. According to the same survey women pay more attention to men who have good bank balance and are successful in life. The Kindness and the Intelligence level in a partner were equally important for both genders.

                              So the looks are very important these days because if they aren’t, the billion dollar cosmetic industry will not be able to earn their livelihood. Today, there is a flood of cosmetic products in the market, everyday dime a dozen new products are launching and the manufacturers are promoting them extensively through aggressively. These companies make huge promises; indeed most of them are garbage not worth our money. But still there is no one in the world at present that hasn’t used these products even for once in his/her life. We have to admit we all use these products, knowing down the line that they will not give the result what we wish for. Also the new trend of fitness is knocking the door right away adding more complexities into the matter. The fitness has now become a major part of people’s life now-a-days; everyone is heading towards gym with an intention of getting those six packs to impress their crush. And now, the need to look good is reaching to its height and a new trend is turning up and this one is the “cosmetic surgeries”; they are getting popular among people who are competing in the race to look at their best. Although knowing the consequences and side effects people are still ready to go under the knife to achieve what they want. According to the reports of American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS) more than 11 million cosmetic surgical and non-surgical procedures were performed in the year 2013 alone with an astounding 12% increase in US itself. http://www.surgery.org/media/news-releases/the-american-society-for-aesthetic-plastic-surgery-reports-americans-spent-largest-amount-on-cosmetic-surger

                It is often said that people with no good looks have comparatively low self esteem and they are less confident. According to me, the self-esteem and confidence comes from person’s inner self and it has nothing to do with the looks. Also Robin Williams once said that “Never pick a fight with an ugly person, they’ve nothing to lose”. But after all this here is a million-dollar question, is it correct to search for good looks or not? Well without being judgemental the answer is “Yes” there is absolutely nothing wrong in searching for a good looking partner. But it is not right just to go for looks and don’t see beyond this. The other things are equally importantly like the intelligence level, compatibility, chemistry, behaviour, sense of humour etc. So the conclusion is this, seeing a person as a whole along with their qualities and shortfalls is the right way to go for and don’t judge them only on the basis of their physical appearance. And according to another research it is shown that girls like guys who approach first and show confidence and mannerism in front of them and for girls the best thing is to befriend first and approach a little later, building a bond with your man in the initials is a good way to go for.