Why Obama's energy poilicy wont ease pain at the pump
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Teenager Is Charged in Killing of 3 at a School

Teenager Is Charged in Killing of 3 at a School | Why Obama's energy poilicy wont ease pain at the pump | Scoop.it

(1). The basic subject is that a troubled boy had a shoot out at a highschool in CHARDON, Ohio. Killing 3 People and wounding 2 others..


(2). There was a boy in cleveland who's relatives and friends say is "troubled" by his older brothers actions. The boy said he didnt know who the people were he was just shooting at random but numerous accounts from friends seem to condridict that.


(3). The wrighter is very absurd of the event and doesnt beleive the boy had any wright killing those people no matter what the circumstances could have been.


(4). "It was a grim prospect for Mr. Lane, a slightly built teenager whose alleged attack — shooting dead three students at point-blank range" She doesnt exactly state whether shes against it or not i just get the impression by what she says in her sentences.


(6). That she is a very concerned person. She doesnt believe this kind of thing happened to innocent children i feel that she is very caring and open hearted and wants to know where this situation is going.


(7). This article is written for everyone mainly if you like to know what kind of horrifying events happen all over the U.S everyday.


(8). Yes because the kids that were killed didnt deserve what happened to them,Because a kid is having family issues doesnt make it okay for him to just take 3 inncoent lives. And for the parents to have to take in that their child is dead over a troubled life and it all happened at school must be so overwhelming i can only imagine the pain they feel.


(9). Tavernise,Sabrina  "Teenager Is Charged in Killing of 3 at a School" The New York Times.  March 1, 2012



[1]. In this article basically the columnist wanted to share some news thats happening in our US today. She wanted to explain to interested readers the status on the boy who killed three people. In this selection it says the boy looked up to his older brother who was in and out of jail and maybe he was having a hard time dealing witht the fact that his brother was a dilinquent. The moral of the story is just to kind of give you some feed back on why he did it and his freind and familys outlook on the catastrophe.

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Higher Gas Prices Cloud Obamas Re-Election Hopes...

Higher Gas Prices Cloud Obamas Re-Election Hopes... | Why Obama's energy poilicy wont ease pain at the pump | Scoop.it

(1). The gas prices are making the repluic upset with the president .. "Obama may just have to get used to the criticism, because it probably isn't going away anytime soon," said James Thurber. Although the U.S disagrees with the high paying of gas prices the president probably wont pull through on trying to lower them.


(2). Mark Zandi, chief economist at Moody's Analytics, said gasoline prices are likely to keep rising as the summer driving season approaches. "Increasingly, it's becoming the biggest threat to the economy," he said. Hopefully with all the summer trips people will proceed to disagree with prices and hopefully the president will step up and try to help the public with the problem we all agree of.


(3). The wrighter is definately against gas prices as well..


(4). "Soaring gasoline prices are threatening to undercut President Barack Obama's re-election prospects and offering Republicans an easy target. With prices pushing $4 a gallon and threatening to go even higher" He Adresses the fact that gas prices are a huge issue and it may just continue makng matters worse.


(6). He likes to agree with others.. He speaks for himself and others around this world with the same complications.. Apparently everone uses the pumps so why wouldnt the public be bothered by the prices to be high for no reason..


(7). Readers who agree with the worriment of having to pay almost 4$ a gallon ..


(8). Yes Because everyone uses gas.. Its not ust an opinion a number of people agree with having to pay so much for gas."While motorists are already starting to complain, many economists see the $4-a-gallon mark as a breaking point above which the economy starts to suffer real pain". Many people are dissapointed.


(9). Krauss,Clifford. "Whats Next For Gas Prices?" New York Times February,29,2012





[1]. In this article the author is getting his point across that gas prices are ridicously going up and our president of the United States isnt doing anything to try to prevent it from getting any higher.. Today so many people struggle with the price of gas and it only seems to get higher. Someones needs to take a stand and try to make a difference. This is myopinion of course this is the message i got after reading article. This isnt just one mans opinion everyone thinks gas is way overpriced and something needs to change starting with president Obama. He is the one who is supposed to support the public and try and pursue everyones wishes , but by these gas prices rising it doesnt seem like he's making an effort.

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