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Why not to use Website Templates is a simple answer, Your website will end up looking like a someone took a cookie cutter and sliced part of it out. Website templates are designed to maintain the content and image structure of the layout. This means when you go to remove content or images form the layout it will then offset the design and everything will feel and look out of place. Having a custom designed website is 120% better and we will be glad to explain why to you. Having a web site custom designed allows you to have your content and images and layout how YOU WANT IT, That's right! YOU get to tell the designer how you vision your website looking. That is a web designers job to design the web site how you want it and with templates your buying something that someone else has designed how they wanted it to be designed to sell. Templates are a pure waste of money due to the limits they place, Let us explain it more simple to you. Why would you build a computer with the same specs as