GetAtMe-FriendsWithBenefits-MiracleWatts-RicoLove "TheyDontKnow"-(but they will now...) | why do most women try to hide there tru feelings from men? |

We be in the same room
N' we don't ever say shit
Let's keep it between me and you
N' we cool, 'cause they don't know

I'm the one you'll be texting
When you be up at cho job (they don't know)
I'm the one that bought that Benz
That's in your garage (they don't know)
I'm the reason you don't stress when shit gets hard
And anything you want
It's all yours (they don't know)

On your birthday I'm the one who saw yo birthday suit
(They don't know)
That the Birkin bag
It bought that birthday coupe (they don't know)
I keep it all real
I ain't gotta tell lies to you
You the only one who knows, the trut

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