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So who's waging a class warfare? In my opinion I think in some ways both sides are doing so.


But Romney has the unique ability to insult half the country with one paragraph, he is anything but presidential. Even though I believe that both sides are waging class warfare, you can’t insult half of country and expect to win the presidency.


Here is a message to Mitt Romney: About 10% of those 47% of Americans who do not pay income taxes (insert federal) are senior citizens, elderly people who are retired living on fixed incomes. Another 8-10% are people caught in the GOP/Bush economic collapse of 2008, who lost their jobs because of Wall Street (and Bain Capital) greed. Another percentage are mentally and physically disabled people receiving medicaid. The remainder is men and women whose yearly earnings are $20,000 or less; men and women who work two, maybe three jobs just to keep a roof over their heads and food on the table. Many are single moms and single dads struggling to hold their family together. They do not sit idle, they do not expect to be fed, they do not wait for the government to hold their hands and care for them. AND above all, they DO take responsibility for their own lives.


All of those 47% Mitt Romney holds in contempt pay state income taxes, sales taxes, payroll taxes, local sales taxes and even if they rent rather than own a home, a portion of their rent money pays for property taxes. They pay utility bills, make car payments, and they probably own a television set because it is the cheapest form of entertainment available to them.


Mitt Romney fails to recognize that not all those 47% he holds with such contempt are democrats. Many live in the red, red states of the American South and West and a large percentage of them are republicans. Mitt Romney remains utterly clueless. It came as quite a surprise to learn that, according to Mitt, most of President Obama’s supporters feel we are “victims”, that we are lazy, that we sit home waiting for food to drop at our door, and that we pay no taxes. It came as a shock to learn that supporters of President Obama have never worked or struggled. It came as a surprise to learn that Obama supporters never take responsibility for their own lives. It came as a shock and surprise because it is completely FALSE, it is another Mitt Romney lie. Romney has the unique ability to insult half the country with one paragraph, he is anything but presidential


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