Hollywoodnews.comWhitney Houston's death raises issues of mixing meds with alcoholMiamiHerald.comWhitney Houston's death has raised issues about combining prescription drugs with alcohol.                                                                                                   


1. Whitney Houston mixed prescription pills with alcohol leading to her death.

2. What kind of prescription pills Houston was taking, and how much alcohol was consumed the night of her death.

3. The writer feels it is dangerous to mix pills with alcohol.

4. No, the writer uses statistics to prove her opinion.

6. I learn that the writer has a lot of knowledge about deaths concerning drugs.

7. The article was written for society in general.

8. Yes, the writer gives enough facts and stats about the death of Whitney Houston and about drugs in general.

2. (on the back) The writer uses a lot of statistics and facts about the death of Whitney Houston and about drug use in general. The writer uses quotes from other people to support her facts and knowledge. The writer states through out the article how many people were perscribed to drugs and what effects can take place if a person doesn't use the perscribed drugs properly. With that in mind, the writer proves his/her point by writing about Whitney Houston's death and how she died. The way Whitney Houston died with the alcohol and perscribed pills mixed together shows how many other people could die of the same situation. The writer doesn't really persuade the reader; the writer uses facts, and with those facts given, the reader has to think about how drugs can really affect a person's life.