Do you really expect BRIC stocks to continue rising? Think again! How can a BRIC stock actually fail, is what people thought in the early ages of Industrial Growth within BRIC. Will the same thing happen to MIST, another economic outburst predicted by Goldman Saks, who predicted the rise of BRIC, and sadly, not the downturn. European, American, Canadian, Japanese, and Australian stocks have plummeted since the tremendous debts have been revealed. What is the cause? War and free things caused it. Seriously, Obama’s health care could strip the country of most of its GDP (Gross Domestic Product, which is the economy, basically), and will affect the country’s companies’ stock prices and sales. Here’s what you should know about which stocks you should buy.

Many of the countries that are going down, their companies are scared. And that’s a good reason not to buy that stock. A good way to tell if stock prices are going to fall is look at the companies. Are they in a good point? Are they in a bad spot? There are many examples. Alibaba, an originally Chinese company, is trying to run away from China. It has noticed that China’s economy has stopped its quick, steep climbing and has started to level out, likewise with the other BRIC country’s economies. Now, many of the Chinese stocks are plummeting. The opposite is for many oil companies caused by the Iranian threat of closing the Strait of Hormuz, because of demand and supply, yet Transocean, the largest oil company, is failing. What started out as a minor problem in one of their rigs has turned into a major problem resulting in the loss of billions of dollars. Many people don’t feel secure investing in Transocean stocks. Likewise, other companies, like Carnival fail because of a mistake. This causes stock sales to drop, and when that happens, people get rid of their stocks in that company. This will decrease the amount of money the stock costs. Demand and supply is the main factor.

You shouldn’t invest in the BRIC (Brazil, Russia, India, and China) stocks because of the better options that are more stable: MIST and the European Nations, or Japan. MIST (Mexico, Indonesia, South Korea, and Turkey) has been expected to soar high in sales similar to BRIC. I expect the MIST stocks to level out in 10 years, similar to the BRIC countries. MIST is not as famous as BRIC, but has been made popular by Goldman Saks. Indonesian stocks are expected to rise the highest and quickest. It has the same boom as China had in 1990 to 2005. China, in the past, has been expected by experts to rise beyond the U. S. because of its high growth and no debt, compared to US’s slow growth and high debt. Now Indonesia will most likely leap to China’s growth, and possibly over it. One thing is for sure however, and that is that MIST will stop at one time, and start going down. This is like Russian, Brazilian, Indian, and Chinese corruption affecting economic growth. As MIST countries develop more, their stock prices will increase. If you have been in the stock market before, you know to jump and sell before prices decrease again. Then you find a different company to invest in.

The newest choice that has emerged and is very popular is companies like Facebook. This is because Facebook, like Google, has filed for an IPO. If it succeeds in doing so that would vex the stocks of Microsoft, whose stock prices are even lower than Apple’s. Facebook’s stocks would pull in a couple hundred million, extremely similar to Google’s stock investors. This makes a new type of stocks that are popular: the private companies filing for an IPO. Twitter is a good choice if they ever file for an IPO. Thus, the companies that are good are the new famous ones, mainly. This causes more buyers, and more buyers mean higher prices. Demand will be high if the price is increasing. If the prices are increasing, the supply is low. If a buyer buys stocks, the prices will increase. The big stock companies will buy a lot of stocks, causing the price to increase. When the price increases, more buyers come. When more buyers come, the prices increase. Don’t get baited. This will lead to the loss of millions of dollars for the minor investors and the gain of millions of dollars for the main investors. You only need to look carefully. If you are ready, buy a lot of stocks, and invest carefully. You need millions or hundreds of millions of dollars for this to actually work. A couple a day won’t work. The sudden decrease in demand will increase the price, and therefore attract stock buyers. When that happens, the price will further increase, causing your stock prices to go very high. When it is high enough, sell them all. A different reason to sell is if there is a sudden increase in prices. This means that your trap for investors has been successfully copied, and if you buy more, you will start to lose money. This is why you should sell after the price increases sharply, and why this will earn you more money. A different approach would be buying the bait, and when the prices do increase, sell all of them. This method insures that you don’t lose money usually. It is a relatively safe method. Both methods will make millions and lose millions. Your goal is the least amount of money taken away, and the most gained.

For stock investors: I don’t suggest buying BRIC stocks! I don’t suggest Arabic stocks because of the downturn and riots, or South American stocks. North American stocks, as well, are currently unstable. The European stocks and Japanese stocks are not as good because of the Euro zone debt crisis, which has affected large parts of the world. The BRIC countries’ companies’ stocks will continue to decrease rapidly at a steep 90° angle. Soon, the stocks may be worthless. Due to hatred, many companies in the BRIC have fallen apart, examples including the famous Norton Security, based in India, have had low popularity when some hackers have found the source code of the security company, and the stocks have plummeted. The belief of MIST stocks of never falling is false, though, because the industries are new, likewise with BRIC. European stocks have plummeted since the Depression, recovered, yet fell again, the latest time because of the Euro currency losing value. Russia, India, Brazil, and China (BRIC), have raised manufacturing and oil prices, creating less customer space, and have boosted South Korea, Turkey, Mexico, US, Indonesia, Bangladesh Vietnam, and other countries. Japan is in a huge debt, along with the reasonable choices of Europe and America. The difference is that Japan and America have recognized the problem: Loss of manufacturing and IT jobs. Japan has vowed to create more manufacturing jobs, after being defeated by China and downgraded to 3rd biggest GDP. An American example is Google, a company that’s stocks are about $600, is a company worth investing in, Google’s motto is “Don’t be selfish”, although they don’t completely follow this; they do it better than most companies. Their things are mainly free, and they don’t put ads on every page they have, unlike Yahoo. They don’t sell products; they mainly give free things out, unlike Apple. Google earns the most money, about $64 dollars per second, with Yahoo following behind with about $240 per second. Google is used by more people than there are in Taiwan! They have a no-ad-on-the-home-page policy, and are popular because of it. The formerly rich AOL is now near bankrupt, because its former users have found an easier place to search, and now use Google(NASDAQ name is GOOG), Bing, or Yahoo! Google is the best company to work for. Featured in “Fortune” magazine, Google has been the top company to work for. Google is not selfish, and has refused to work in countries that don’t accept a no-censorship policy. This causes popularity, and therefore, higher stock prices. Apple is another reasonable choice, but is also failing. These are all very reasonable companies to buy stocks from, and this is a place where the money is not a problem. Other companies to buy stocks from, is Microsoft (NASDAQ name is MSFT), and companies not to buy stocks from are like Yahoo (NASDAQ name is YHOO), AOL, and thousands of other companies. So go out there and buy stocks form NASDAQ!