Breaking NEWS #Syria  New Massacre in Harem | where is "PEACE" |


The Free Army militia has committed a new massacre in the blockaded Harem town of Edlib countryside, what claimed 30 deaths upon citizens, including women and children.

Our correspondent stated that after the militias of Free Army fired RPG shells on al-Tarma and al-Kalaa neighborhoods, 30 civilians got killed, including 10 women and 10 children, as other houses were destroyed.


7:48 PM Damascus Countryside: two mortar shells have been fired near the shrine of al-Sayyeda Zainab, as no injuries have been recorded
6:57 PM The Syrian Youth soccer team wins against the Saudi team for a score of 5-1
6:14 PM Damascus Countryside: the initial toll of bombardments on al-Yarmouk camp is 6 martyrs
6:12 PM Damascus Countryside: armed rebels fire mortar shells on al-Yarmouk Camp, where deaths have been recorded
5:50 PM A car bomb blasts in the Southeast Turkey, targeting a police vehicle, what resulted in injuries

Via Libya S.O.S.