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It is basically a county mainly located in Northern Africa. Sinai Peninsula forms an isthmus that sits in Southwest Asia. Moreover, Egypt deems to be a transcontinental county, being the most powerful one in Africa, the Middle East, Mediterranean Basin and the world of Muslims. The land area of Egypt totals 1,010,000sq.kms. It is being bordered by Israel & Gaza Strip (northeast), Mediterranean Sea (north), Libya (west), Red Sea (east) and Sudan (South). All these facts basically answer the question, “Where is Egypt”?

Egypt is considered as one of those African and Middle East countries that have the densest populations. The estimated population is equivalent to 80 million. The majority of this population lives near the banks of the very famous Nile River. The very famous Sahara Desert is found in this country. Almost half of the residents of Egypt live in the urban areas. It is the 30th largest country in the world. The size of which is twice that of Spain, four times that of the United Kingdom, almost the same with that of all Central America and equals the combined sizes of the states of California and Texas.

The majority of this country’s landscape is allocated for desert. It is composed of a lot of large and small towns and cities such as Alexandria, Cairo, Aswan, Asyut, the modern capital of Egypt, Giza, the Pyramid of Khufu’s site, Port Said, Zagazig and a lot more. The country has become a major tourist destination in Asia and throughout the world because of its wonderful natural and manmade attractions like the Pyramid of Giza, the Great Sphinx and the like. These were constructed thousands of years ago, ancient civilization of this country. Egypt is a popular country located in the region of Middle East that has the most diversified economy.