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Already in the Middle Ages were known beneficial and restorative effects of thermal water on human health. This "invention" enjoyed the greatest monarchs of the time.

Thermal water in Thermal park Vrbov has beneficial effects on the human body, especially the physical and urological system, has good cosmetic effects. Has a positive effect on the respiratory system. Thermal water is recommended for people exposed to daily stress.

Special effects Thermal water also shows that couples who have trouble conceiving, and visited the Thermal Park Vrbov so within a few months, succeeded in getting pregnant.

Vrbov village located 7 km from the town Kežmarok. Swimming is open 365 days a year. Thermal mineral water has beneficial effects on physical and nervous system, respiratory and cardiovascular system. There is ten pools, four of them are children. Water temperature in the pools is from 26C to 38C.
The winter season runs from 16/09/2011 - to 06/14/2012. In winter the swimming pool open from 10:00 am. to 21:00.

The zone is located Thermal swimming pool, sitting pool No.2 No.1 butterfly sitting pool, výplavový pool, children pool Ladybug / ceramic, placed in a new building entrance /.
Adult visitors will pay for 2.5 hour entry € 7.50 and children, disabled and senior € 5.00.Daily admission for adults is € 11.50 and for children, disabled, senior citizens is € 8.50.
Swimming Vrbov also offer family packages:
2 parents + 2 children-1 child 50%2 parents + 3 or 4 children-1 child free
Besides the family spa packages also offer group discounts:

10% - at the entrance of 20 people
15% - at the entrance of 40 people
• children under 3 years free• child: age from 3 years - 12 years / valid photo ID card, insurance card, or other relevant document /,• Senior: over age 62 years / valid photo ID card /,• Disabled people need to show a valid ID card disabled, if necessary guide-established, this is free of charge,• purchase of a ticket is half an hour free to change and• the time limit overuse fee for each started hour € 2.00,• fee for the loss of wrist-chip 10.00 - €• A change in input prices reserved

Vrbov regional club is a group of people residing in the districts Kežmarok, Poprad, Levoča, Ves, kindom. Citizens who do not fulfill this condition You can request to be applied at the checkout before you buy tickets 20% discount on entrance to the complex swimming pool.

Regional left:- 20% discount applies to 15 years,- Apply the discount to members submitting the OP, this works almost as a club license,- Regional discount is valid until the end of April / to 30.04.2012 /

Swimming Vrbov record high year-round traffic. Operators shall ensure that the water meets all health standards or checks so far found no serious deficiencies.

Who wants to spend an extended stay in Vrbov, you may choose in their free time and in multiple locations, such as the Tatras or Poprad Kežmarok.