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The film has many references to pulp culture, many of whom probably do not come, but also some that I laugh out loud, while most others were silent. It must be something that will appeal to most people, if there is enough of him is another matter. I found it to be the plan, a little thin, but never tries to be anything but fun comedy. The remaining arguments are definitely smaller and not distract from the film, the main purpose - provide the laughter and entertainment.

MacFarlane's first feature film is a great effort and something that is impressive. It is enough to have fun, and I would say that will appeal to a large majority, but some is likely to offend. Mark Parent is definitely not a requirement, and I would almost say that there is no guarantee that you will, Ted, as they are still very different. Peter Griffin is a reference to the well I liked thrown. Overall, a fun and enjoyable time at the cinema.

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