Protrim Quad action is scientifically proven, all natural, FOUR part system that works with your body to increase your metabolic rate, burn more stored fat, block the absorption of extra carbohydrates and pass them from you body before they can be absorbed.  The Protrim Quad Action Formula is complimented by additional components to maximize your weight loss.  They include the Protrim Detoxification Formula to help cleanse your body of unwanted toxins that are stored in your bodies fat cells and are holding you back from losing weight and feeling great. We suggest that you detoxify you body twice a month. The Protrim Multi Nutrient Formula gives you the added nutritional support you need while dieting to ensure you stay strong and healthy while getting down to the weight you desire. The Protrim Multi is unlike any multi vitamin you would buy in the stores. Our Multi Nutrient is formulated to support healthy weight loss. It has a full range of botanicals and an energizing blend that help you stay focused and motivated.  Finally we provide you with the Protrim Personal Health and Fitness Guide to get you started and stay motivated. The guide gives you tips on eating right even if you have to eat out at a restaurant. We even give you tips on eating healthy at fast food restaurants if you have no other options. Plus we provide you with simple easy to do exercises to help with the reduction of weight.