First Impressions | What impression do you give off? |

When you meet someone how the first 3 seconds, you make a
judgement on their appearance. How they look, dress and even sometimes how they
talk. A first impression is a huge thing to make an assumption. If you have
heard something about someone and then later meet them, your judgment is now
fogged by what you heard about them. Your social interactions are big on how
people view you, they don’t care about what you say; it’s how you make them
feel. There are 4 desires that humans have in life; to be appreciated (loved),
to feel connected, elevation is key and to feel enlightened. Humans want to be loved
and feel wanted in short. Within the first time of meeting someone, you have to
feel confident in what you do, how you walk and talk. People will always be
attracted to people with a lot of confidence. Confidence is something that can
be learned – a helpful tip- Talk to yourself in the mirror every day even if
you feel stupid it will help. You are your biggest critic, you see all the
things that everyone else over looks. Changing your posture can also help you
gain some confidence; hold your head up high and shoulders back, guaranteed you
will feel better. If you focus on the
good, it will grow and expand right in front of you. In order for it to happen
you have to have a positive attitude and believe it will for it to happen.