What Are the Causes of Adult Acne?

Acne is a type of skin disease that causes the skin to develop some pimples and scars. There are different types of cane. There is adult acne which only affects the adults and there is also another form of acne that only affects the young people. Bothe these types of acne have different types of causes. For a long time there has been varying information on causes of adult acne. Research doctors have for many years searched for Causes of adult acne and came up with the following causes among others.

What are causes of adult acne?

The adult acne is similar to all other forms of acne. It also stems out from hormonal imbalances. However, in the case of adults, the diet and lifestyle are common contributing factors to the existence of acne. Stress is also known to trigger the development of acne in adults. In most cases, adults are usually stressed out due to their hard lifestyle and a large amount of responsibilities that they have.

When the body’s testosterone levels increase, there is an increase in oil production in the body. The increased level of oil in the body blocks the pores in the skin. The pores therefore begin to swell due to the clogging of the pores. The end result is the development of acne on the skin. This type of acne is mostly common in women. The changes in the levels of oil production in women may occur just before perimenopause and in other cases, it occurs just before the monthly periods. These bodily changes result in the development of acne on the skin. Unlike other forms the many causes of adult acne makes it more sensitive.

Diet being a major factor in What Causes Acne it’s important to give it more attention. The type of food you are taking could be the cause of you acne problem. For example, when you eat foods that contain a lot of grease and fat in them, chances are that you will experience an acne development on your skin. This is because the fat will accumulate in your body in addition to the oil that the body produces on its own. This will then increase the chances of the pores being blocked by the high level of oils in the body. The causes of adult acne are mainly linked to the lifestyle of the individual which is normally stressful.

Adults often have stressful days that result in a lot of straining. Stress has been marked as one of the major causes of adult acne. A lot of stress in adults often causes the development of acne on the skin. Stress causes the body to go through a lot of hormonal changes. All these factors cause the body to increase the levels of oil that is being produced in the body. This will result in the blockage of the pores resulting in the emergence of acne on the skin. The causes of adult acne have not been conclusively researched and therefore more is still being done.

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