Wells & Lynching
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Scooped by Group 2


Appellation- A name or a title.  The city fully justifies its appellation “Paint The Thrown” Concocted- Make a meal or dish by combining various ingredients.  They concocted relish from corn that is so naturally sweet or no sugar is needed. Emboldened- gives someone the courage or confidence to do something or to behave in a certain way. Emboldened by robust passengers traffic, the airline was put through major fare increases. Avow- asserts or confesses openly. He avowed he cheated on the test. Woe- great sorrow or distress. They had a complicated tale of woe. Foe- an enemy or opponent. Lets join forces against the common foe. Adjoum- breaks off a meeting, legal case, or game with the intention of resuming it later. The meeting was adjourned until father notice. Crusader- a person who campaigns vigorously for political, social, or religiously. As a crusader Ida Wells was recognized. Unwavering- steady or resolute. She fixed him with an unwavering stare. Tabulated- arrange data in tabular form. She tabulated the results.

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