The Costs Of Ignoring Employee Engagement | wellbeing and leadership |

Employers and potential employees both have a responsibility to make sure a position is a good fit. Beyond that, however, a company’s style of management bears a great deal of credit or blame as to whether someone like Fiona ends up a happy and engaged worker, or as just another 9-to-5er going through the motions until quitting time.

But as long as the job gets done, does employee engagement matter? Turns out it does, very much. Gallup did an extensive study of the effect of high employee engagement in 2012. They looked at almost 50,000 businesses that included roughly one and a half million employees in 34 countries and discovered that work organizations that score in the top half of employee engagement have double the odds of success of those in the bottom half. Not only that, but those at the 99th percentile of engagement have four times the success rate.

Via The Learning Factor